What is sensitivity?

“Sensitivity” is a deadly word in 2016!

You’ve all heard it in some fashion: “Sensitivity training” or some iteration of that.

Think about the planet Earth for a minute. Trees. Or an ordinary animal (like a dog or a cat for instance). Any living things. None of these creatures engage in “sensitivity training,” or other stupid social shit like “Trigger Warnings…” except human beings (flawed psychotic beings is another way to put it…)

Here’s a beyond fantastic video from Prager U – that sums up the utter nonsense that is happening in our country (and our world):

(You should subscribe to that channel – most – not all – videos are quite clear and insightful)

Free speech is “negative!”

You know what I love about that video (and the truth it conveys)? The fact that the human mind is so easily molded.

How freedom minded people who stood up for their rights turned into pussies just a few hundred years later is mind-boggling.

You’d think that with all the resources humanity has at its finger-tips, this would never happen.. but I digress, because it’s the same concept each time. If you don’t get it today, odds are you’ll never get it.

Here, renowned columnist George Will talks about “political correctness.”

Here’s another straightforward presentation about how the subject-matter taught in schools has essentially gone down the toilet:

sensitivity videos - What is sensitivity?

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Maybe brother Manning has some ‘splainin’ to do; he’s always calling his plays with the now understood to be offensive reference “Oklahoma” . . . I must avert my ears.


‘Splainin???? That’s the invention of Desi Arnaz, who was Cuban.

Cultural appropriation!!! Microaggression!!!! Racism!!!!


Doh! [Forehead slap]; off to re-education camp I go . . . .


Spot on. I can imagine the New England Patriots being offensive next.