Night cops in Hoboken

Do we need more night cops in Hoboken?

If you only read the highly polished press releases coming out of City Hall, you’d think no more night cops in Hoboken would be needed. As they’ve beefed up patrols, hired more officers and “crime is down!” (Or at least their published statistics show lower numbers…)

But people we’ve spoken with feel there is hardly the bare minimum of police presence at night.

Take a look what happened to Rita’s Ice the other night. A block from city hall, and around the corner from the Hoboken Police Department.

More night cops? Or do we have enough?

night cops in Hoboken NJ - Night cops in Hoboken

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Also don’t forget the child Molester Michael Miranda! Yes it’s true Google his name and you will see. Pure trash.


Well when they have such morons on the job what do you expect? Willie Collins is a detective LOL!! He has the brain of a Hamster!


The City of Hoboken has close to zero police patrol. I have been traveling recently to various metropolitan cities and see police presence EVERY night and day. The broken door is a frequent occurrence adding to the cost of business/living in Hoboken.