Protected Bike Lanes {Flawed}

Why protected bike lanes on Washington St. are flawed {diagram}

Common sense made a rare appearance over at the Hoboken City Council meeting earlier this week – regarding the convoluted “protected bike lanes.”

While many scenarios are possible (people not opening their car doors all the way, cyclists not paying attention, etc.) – just the simple reality of how much space each car door and bicycle takes up, the proposal they had out there was mathematically illogical.

They spent tens and tens or hundreds of thousands for this hogwash? Dreadful misuse of property-taxpayer money.

See this basic diagram that clearly shows what everyone would have to contend with:

protected bike lanes of death

After this defeat, “mayor” don Zimmer will attempt to force these bike lanes down your throat on other streets. Like she gets some kind of kickback or commission from some place?

“I look forward to working with the City Council going forward to try protected bike lanes on other less commercial and busy city streets,” she said. TRY protected bike lanes? You see, she is so desperate to have these bike lanes – even on streets that don’t NEED them! What the hell ever happened to just “share the road?”

The lunacy continues.

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I don’t understand the constant push for these expenses. They act like it’s Mad Max Thunderdome out there, when it’s exactly the opposite.