Renegade parking in Hoboken

It’s a Jeep thing: Renegade parking!

Forgot about these pics from the other day. A no-frills Jeep Wrangler showing people what “real” SUV’s can do (as opposed to 98% of the other “AWD” versions out there). This is what I call renegade parking.

Now granted – I don’t think parking was so dire that they absolutely HAD to park this way. It’s more like the mentality a lot of true Jeep owners have. To do it because they can.

However, it could have been on the reckless side, as it looked quite easy to tip over if someone wanted to be mischievous.

renegade jeep parking hoboken NJ 3

renegade jeep parking hoboken NJ 2

renegade jeep parking hoboken NJ 1

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