Dumpy areas upgraded in Hoboken


14th Street Retail – visual improvements

Back in 2008 – I posted a story about “Dumpy areas in Hoboken,” which spoke about 14th St. & Bloomfield – and how it looked somewhat “ghetto-like.” That’s still somewhat cruddy (although Puerto Spain touched up their exterior a bit.)

But right across the street wasn’t much better. However, since the fire at Nick’s Candy Shop a year ago – they’ve pulled together and spruced up a whole row of stores – including the new Hoboken Hair salon (and the for rent space in the middle).

Gotta say, starting to look much, much better!

Uptown Hoboken looks nicer 14th Street 109 111 Hoboken Hair Nicks Candy - Dumpy areas upgraded in Hoboken

Urban Revitalization Needed!


Have you noticed that certain spots in Hoboken just look downright awful and out of place? Almost dumpy and “ghetto-like?” Sore thumbs in the middle of million-dollar condos?

One such area that stood out for me last week was this spot on 14th and Bloomfield. We have Puerto Spain – missing a sign, the bagel shop, which seems closed most of the time with that ugly metal shutter, and the liquor store, which also has a deteriorating sign and outdated store-front.

This, and several other areas in Hoboken are in need of “urban renewal” or something along those lines. While we have a Historic Preservation Committee, I believe we also need a “Minimum Exterior Aesthetics Committee” as well. Heck, I’ll even volunteer to be the “$1 per year advisor.” We can negotiate volume contracts with a sign & awning company, a building contractor, etc. and help provide affordable options for local businesses to spruce things up.

Don’t other cities have some kind of “Urban Re-vitalization” department, or something similar?

uptown hoboken looking rather dumpy - Dumpy areas upgraded in Hoboken

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Monday, May 19, 2008 11:18 pm

Hey, Lay off the bagel/breakfast store and Uptown Liquors. Store fronts may lack flash, but owner-proprietors know and take care of their patrons and neighbors. They are the character that makes Hoboken enjoyable as opposed to some of the I-hate-my-job numbsculls who man the registers providing “customer service” at the chain drugstores. Further, you may be surprised to learn that the Uptown “LIQUORS” sign is a special sign with special protection — it is one of the last that has rotating lights. It is often broken b/c of what the owner has to go through to fix it given its historic landmark.

Monday, May 19, 2008 5:08 pm

FWIW stinky’s has 10 dollar sangria pitchers which aren’t half bad, especially considering the price. A+++ would get sloppy there again!

Monday, May 19, 2008 5:08 pm

Lola’s is decent (if over-priced), the bagel place is decent, and Puerto Spain is fantastic (if a little grubby on the outside). The interior of Puerto Spain is actually very nice.

kooky kat
kooky kat
Monday, May 19, 2008 5:01 pm

[quote comment=”83494″]If the bagel place is so gross – why is there a 10 minute wait for breakfast every Saturday and Sunday morning?

Lola’s is overpriced.[/quote]

Agreed. I rarely get up that way, but I like their bagels. Hoboken Hot Bagels are the best though.

I don’t like Lola’s either, I guess I am just not a big tapas fan. I can eat almost anything and it doesn’t bother me, but the couple of times I went there, my stomach was totally hating on me the next day!

Monday, May 19, 2008 4:44 pm

If the bagel place is so gross – why is there a 10 minute wait for breakfast every Saturday and Sunday morning?

Lola’s is overpriced.

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