Infinite offenses

Why are we circling the drain? Infinite offenses!

I’ve often cited the golden two rules of “common law,” which are:

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do, and
  2. Do not infringe (physically) on another person or their property.

If the world followed those two simple rules – Earth would be a utopia.

But that is not the case in 2016. Far from it.

And my recent post about some (ultimately) harmless photo of “shapes” (i.e., “NI**ER”) got my wheels spinning.

infinite offenses

Honestly – what has happened to genuine critical thinking?

One commenter said that “we have a responsibility to raise decent human beings,” and that those kids truly did something wrong by spelling a word that could have been construed as “negative.”

Nowhere in the sentiment is a shout-out for the creativity of one (or more) of those girls for having a “think outside of the box” mentality (which is a strength.)

No mention of how, despite there being plenty of other words that “might” have spelled – why it HAD to be only one of them. Who dictates that? YOU.

In the end, what if they happened to spell a different word from their assigned list of letters?

“SLUT” was one word, “TURBAN” was another they could have made, and “*E*” was yet one more – and so on. If they did “*E*,” would JEWS be offended? I mean at what point do you just draw the line and focus on what is important in your life – and not worry about what these budding teenagers are doing?

And so fucking what if a word just appears somewhere? Really, that fucks you up that badly? Wow!

Offensive words. Really? Show me the outrage

potato offensesHere’s another viewpoint. I recently posted an event for the Hudson County Young Republicans – they had a First Amendment party last weekend. In that post – I included a suggestion that “would anyone be offended if they played a Chris Rock video?” (Which said the word “Nigga” like 100 times, and so on). It was funny as shit – but somehow a magical force-field is erected when a black person actually SAYS the (what you think is offensive – even with asterisks) word “NIGGER!”

So many movies – tens of thousands of them – have prolific use of that stupid collection of mere syllables – “Nigger,” yet there is little to no reference to it. You ever wonder why? Why just some cute white teenage girls are victimized by a truly harmless act?

What have YOU become?

I say that – because I am rarely, if ever offended by anything that doesn’t violate the two golden rules. You can call me all the names in the book. And we’ve been called a lot over the years. Some that could have even been defamation lawsuit slam dunks! But I will not waste my time – because try as they may, they do not cross the ultimate line until they touch me – then it’s game over (for them).

But most of that is ancient history. Why I ask what (collectively) “YOU” have become – I mean society in general.

what have you becomeAll these so-called “tolerant” people, are not tolerant AT ALL. They’re only tolerant for what they believe in. Isn’t that fucked up? How many of those buffoons preaching “tolerance” can see how truly intolerant they are? Blows my mind.

Society has forgotten what the meanings of words are. It’s mind-boggling to see how this has transpired. Well, not entirely mind-boggling considering how easily the human mind is warped. But on such a large scale it starts to become awe-inspiring how it can happen with such expediency.

But in just the past decade or two, I’ve personally witnessed a drastic change in the “reaction” intensity that takes place. People today are WAY more apt to “turn up the volume” on subjects that just a little while ago would warrant a shrug or two until they moved on to more important aspects of their lives.

With the so-called “technology” that allows us to communicate, and find other people with similar feelings (or perceived feelings) is part of the problem. While good things can happen with advanced communication options – we’ve said countless times, it is a very fierce (and sharp) double-edged sword. The factually inaccurate (and purposefully manipulative) bullshit can propagate just as easily. And I see that as a profound downside. It polarizes a society of people, and diminishes the quiet observation and contemplation of all situations.

This is one major part of why I believe things are becoming drastically more “uneasy” in the world around us.

But back to what truly affects YOU – do you see that?

Okay – let’s perform a little exercise here. Say someone is displeased with you. For whatever fucking reason. A heated argument ensues. Let’s randomly pick five angry statements they can utter to you. How do you feel about each one?

“I hate you! I hope you die!” (wish of death upon another)
“Fuck you, asshole – go to hell!” (religious reference, profanity)
“Yellow-bellied Libtard!” (an attack on both political preference and retards)
“You cock-sucking white cracker!” (implications of homosexuality, race reference, sexual)
“Scumbag” (insulting bathroom scum across the world!)

Do you get my point? You will never see such “media” attention for any of the above potential statements. Yet – why do millions of people need to give a shit about what some clever broads in a High School in Arizona did? Who gives a fuck? Really?

The Ace in the Sleeve (the “unknown.”)

Here’s something that will make most of these cry-babies shit in their pants: For every ONE person that makes a social-media blunder like those “NI**ER” girls, there are probably 999 people who THINK something you would find offensive – but don’t publically transmit it.

Hate exists in this world. Rightfully so many times.

But attacking those that express free-will (without harming a single person), is actually counter-productive. Because it causes those who are aware, to understand that it’s best to keep your true feelings and intentions “off the radar.”

And when you attempt to quell free speech – it just makes the underground movement that much stronger.

An ideal world: “So fucking what?”

I could write tens of thousands of words more on this subject (I ought to learn the skill of outlining – instead of “stream of thought,” but I digress.)

But if you were one of the people “outraged” by what a few chicks did standing in a row – you need to look in the mirror. It’s not about social equality, or any of that other progressive nonsense. It’s about how YOU became a pawn in the game. I mean that.

People getting offended by this that and the other thing is now a 24/7 bullshit session. Today it’s “second hand smoke” (which hasn’t been proven to harm anyone), and tomorrow it will be “I am offended by your cologne or perfume!”

The only logical next steps are:

“I don’t like your slacks!” (offended!)
“I don’t like what food you choose to eat!”(offended!)
“I don’t like your car, asshole!” (offended)

Do you see where that slippery slope is headed?

If not – so sorry for you!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016 7:38 pm

Taking offense has become a form of virtue signaling. The offended are telling the world “I’m so good and virtuous that this (often trivial) thing bothers my sensibilities.”

It’s also a tribal marker and a means of lashing out (punching up) when directed towards a member of an out-group, in response to a perceived slight — especially when the offendee has unresolved hostility towards that out-group.

Thursday, February 25, 2016 4:21 pm

I was with you until the perfume/cologne statement; that shit can be nasty, closes my throat up and makes my eyes water. Anyhow, I think the solution is to relearn how to laugh out loud, so when some fragile little delicate soul gets all enraged about some perceived transgression, just laugh at them, laugh it off.

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