Cold Hoboken!

Wind Chills – Cold Hoboken reminder of the seasons

Yikes. Some of the coldest weather of the season is upon us. This weekend temps are expected to hover around zero, with windy conditions. My least favorite time of the year. Without a doubt.

“A wind chill advisory means that very cold air and strong winds will combine to generate low wind chills.

This will result in frost-bite and lean to hypothermia if precautions aren’t taken.

If you must venture outdoors, make sure you wear a hat and gloves.”

Yeah, common sense indeed. Bad things generally happen if “precautions” aren’t taken almost all the time! Like crossing the street looking down at your phone?

Anyway, what about the homeless? And I really feel bad for the pooches. Their private parts are exposed!

Thankfully, I believe PSE&G is forbidden from shutting delinquent customers off the coldest times of the year.

Time to plan some cozy indoor activities. Maybe an early start to some spring cleaning?

Either way – stay warm everyone!

Frigid Cold Hoboken NJ - Cold Hoboken!

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