First Amendment Appreciation

First Amendment Appreciation Night in Hoboken, NJ

The Hudson County Young Republicans and the Hudson County Republicans Club is holding a little party over at the FUSE Event Space (256 Newark St.) this Saturday, February 13th at 3pm.

“Join us for an afternoon of drinks and hors d’oeuvres in honor of those who exercise our 1st Amendment rights. We may not always to see eye to eye, but free speech and a free press are bigger than any political perspective.

To show our appreciation for those carrying the torch, we give to you an afternoon honoring the reporters, bloggers and news media watchdogs holding the fire to our leaders, examining social issues and bringing information to the people.”

While that whole invite message is a giant euphemism for “hob-knobbing event to find ways for personal gain,” it’d be interesting to see how far they can tolerate the free speech they are so proud to honor.

Like could I bring a projector and play this video?

RSVP to the eVite if you’re interested in attending.

first amendment appreciation night fuse hoboken NJ

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