Hoboken Photo Leftovers {smooch!}

Hoboken photo remains of the week: Valentine’s Day Edition

We normally try not to isolate “Hallmark Holidays” like Valentine’s Day (instead take the dissenting approach like Don’t be my Valentine!).

But this year we’ll take a slightly different approach. Still no fan of any manufactured holidays, but will opine on some Hoboken sights instead.

Cheerful Valentine’s Day Decorations in Hoboken

Like I said already – no fan of these forced holidays. However, that doesn’t mean I’d like to prevent others from participating. And when you walk by buildings with tenants who invest money into sharing their excitement – it does give you a warm feeling.

Several folks over at Church Towers enjoy the holiday, as well as at other buildings throughout town.

Hoboken Businesses also partake in the “love”

Here’s a couple shots of what some local businesses looked like during Valentine’s Day 2016:

John the Florist had a nice window, complete with teddy bear and the works:

P1160121 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers {smooch!}

Ultramarino’s took the abstract route with flowers and subtle hints:

P1160122 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers {smooch!}

7-Eleven: One stop shopping!

Not only did 7-Eleven have a massive Valentine’s Day card you could shove like $10,000 worth of lottery scratch-off’s in – you can take care of your icy sidewalk at the same time.

If that’s not love, then I’m from another planet.

P1160108 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers {smooch!}

How are you otherwise getting fleeced this Hallmark Holiday?

About Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Hoboken Photo Leftovers is part of the Hoboken411 Photo of the Day series.

These are photos that didn’t necessarily warrant an individual posting on Hoboken411.

They may have been related to other stories – or completely independent. These photographs are remnants of our travels in the past week. But equally important in maintaining an historical record of “life as we know it” in the Mile Square City.

At the same time, these photographs may also mirror the unique personal opinion of the publisher of Hoboken411.com.

Regardless, the pictures add to the “virtual encyclopedia” that this site now represents. Thank you for your readership!

Hoboken Photo Leftovers February 13 2016 Valentines Day - Hoboken Photo Leftovers {smooch!}

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