Majestic Hoboken Tree

Take a look at the most majestic Hoboken tree!

Sure, this isn’t ground-breaking – but I bet MOST Hoboken residents have never seen this tree. There’s a majestic Hoboken tree waiting for you to be in awe! Why not check it out?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put down your phone (Uber is not needed)
  • Stretch your legs, torso, upper body.
  • Don some comfortable waking shoes (sneakers, skate shoes, whatever suits your fancy).
  • Add some loose clothing (whatever that may be).

And take a walk (even if you don’t have dogs).

Head up 9th Street, eastbound – and you will run into this fairly spectacular tree. It’s located on the campus of Stevens Institute. Very tall, with two large trunks – as if they were part of another even larger tree at some point.

Like two tentacles coming out of the earth yearning for life. Very “Zen” to be around this living thing.

But just sitting on the slope to the south of this beautiful tree for a while, kind of makes you appreciate the remainders of Hoboken. Thank God for Stevens! Imagine if they sold and turned the 500+ acres into condos?

Such a phenomenal act of nature. Thank you!

(Click the photo to see it larger – 1280px)

Majestic Tree Hoboken NJ Stevens Institutte

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hoboken has many majestic trees…. 9th and Adams, across from the storage units, 5th and Garden, on the left side in the middle of the block, and the 2 beautiful magnolias on 10 and Hudson. Im sure there are many more…spring is just around the corner….perhaps we need a majestic tree photo contest!!!


You said it all!