H Property Brokers

H Property Brokers – Hoboken, NJ

Filling the spot at 420 Adams Street (formerly Russo Civic Center) is H Property Brokers.

H Property Brokers appears to be an off-shoot d/b/a under the Hudson Property Management Company – and as a result, they also offer condo and building services.

The sales team consists of Doug Rousseau, Mark Tyler, Walter Kowalsky, Frank Marrero and Joe Pisa.

Not much left you can say about Realtors these days. There must be enough demand for them that new ones keep popping up.

H Property Brokers Hoboken NJ - H Property Brokers

Description: Real Estate and property management.
Address: 420 Adams St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)474-0500
Online: hpropertybrokers.comTwitterFacebook

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