Parking bollard waste

Parking bollards in Hoboken – can we do without?

In the grand scheme of things, parking bollards and other “safety” mechanisms the city stuffs down your throats may not be the costliest things in the world. But the property taxpayers still pay the bills, and these things are just a long-term money pit.

Below are shots of the intersection at 14th & Garden “before and after” the epic blizzard a couple weeks ago.

Along with all the excessive street paint and the countless other implements that were also destroyed, these are just budget line-items that really don’t do much to save anyone from injury.

Why can’t we just go back to common sense, self-awareness and preservation – rather than some “nanny” bullshit like this?

parking bollards before the snow storm in Hoboken

parking bollards destroyed after snow storm in Hoboken

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Yeah I saw this out my windows (which are broken, thanks Bijou Properties) and I just shook my head – maybe those things are what the 4+ % increase in taxes are being used for.

That said, I have seen so many people hit, full on hit, and even more nearly hit at those crosswalks, something needs to be done. I don’t know what, perhaps *GASP* enforcement of existing laws?


Someone pointed out at the Special Session on Washington Street that Hoboken is no a Communist State and that the designs are predicated on this assumption.