Disturbing Commercials

Disturbing Commercials {only to critical thinkers}

disturbing commercialsHad the unfortunate luck of being forced to see some commercials on YouTube as of late. Especially since the hype of the Super Bowl was ramping-up full steam last week.

I normally have a good ability to avoid even thinking about those marketing messages. But something about a few in particular raised my eyebrows significantly.

Let’s take a look.

PayPal is New Money (cui bono?)

PayPal was fine on it’s own. Yes, it’s a way to get paid remotely – and efficiently. The “fees” (or as you can also refer to as “skimming”) are for the service they provide.

We knew the limitations – and cash or check is always preferred by ALL business owners. But having the “option” of getting your money “faster” can be viewed as a benefit. In fact there are many benefits to PayPal – especially for online businesses, as well as those with incredible volume. Same holds true for “old school” credit cards. That is a fact, and where the line should be drawn.

But this PayPal commercial completely demonizes cash – which is freaky. The game is on.

Getting paid is fine – but many people still prefer privacy over convenience. Or has the “immediacy” of getting funds in a jiffy blinded everyone into NOT seeing how much is being stolen from them?

(We won’t get into the whole story about the utter downsides of a “cashless society,” because it’s been covered all over the place already… but you should sniff around if you haven’t already.)

I’ll tell you this much – the bartering society with explode if cold hard cash is somehow ousted from the world. Such troubling times, eh?

Mini – a well thought out way to push agendas

I had the displeasure of viewing this Mini commercial about 100 times since it launched. Various celebrities along with social “issues” being peddled in this very well thought-out marketing effort from Mini.

Their current flavor is the “defy labels” mantra. They stress folks to be individuals, etcetera. They include a potpourri of labels. Geek, short, kids, whatever.

But the most important is the two they start out the commercial with. “A chick car,” and a “gay car.” The camera work, post editing and the subtle body language used is what you need to pay attention to. They muddy the waters by adding other less significant labels into the mix – but the first two are clearly pushing multiple agendas. And of course, end the video with Harvey Keitel to “solidify” their message (for those who are aware of the tough characters he has played in film).

Watch the first two women a few times. Not only does it imply some kind of stern “threat,” it also shows complete intolerance to free speech and thought. Empowerment (for some), disgust (for most others). Fuck you ladies.

They’ve turned up the volume to 11 – but you don’t notice

Since we have “unplugged” from the non-stop TV addiction many suffer from – it gives us a distinct advantage when we DO happen to get exposed to the present state of marketing. You can QUICKLY see what has changed since the last time you were witness to what their tactics were.

And I have to say that it’s changed dramatically. Yes, we learned (read in books) that in the early 1900’s, marketing changed from promoting a particular products “merits” or “strengths” – to selling an ideal, appealing to a lifestyle, or state of mind, or emotion, whatever it may be. (Most credit Edward Bernays for that.)

But I’m astonished at how sophisticated the marketing efforts have become. Like they don’t think people have a brain anymore? “Everyone” is a dope?

Almost ZERO talk about what the product does, how much it costs, etc. These commercials have none of that. Just emotional messages to try and tinker with your brain. How fucked up is that? Do you need to give a shit about sexual orientation or “labels” to purchase what boils down to a function piece of equipment? Or a way to conduct business?

Are there any critical thinkers left anymore?

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Paypal wants you to forget that you can deposit checks with your smart phone and get cash 24 hours a day from millions of ATMs across the country.