Hoboken on Super Bowl Commercials

Hoboken talks about Super Bowl Commercials (yep)

We have a much different viewpoint about TV commercials in 2016 than say, just a few years ago. We understand why they exist and why they’re not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

But it’s so amazing that everyone talks about the infamous Super Bowl commercials that have grown in popularity over the years.

Hoboken’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Here’s Hoboken Internet Radio’s Alice Stockton-Rossini talking to some folks in Hoboken about their “favorites” in recent memory:

Hoboken says Super Bowl marketing is big money

A chat about how you used to have to wait for the commercials during the big game, now you can get them all day, every day:

An alternative opinion about marketing

This shtick is probably what killed a great comedian named Bill Hicks:

In the end – a fascinating fishbowl of unwilling compliance

What I find fascinating (in light of our recent post on TV addiction) is that most people have no idea why. No idea why they have never considered doing something else on “game day.”

It’s become so ingrained in culture, that most essentially have NO OPTION. They MUST watch the game. Or risk being ostracized, or feeling left out at the water cooler on Monday morning.

If you have no opinion about the game or the commercials (you missed) most of the world will not care and move on to someone who they CAN talk to about it.

The fact that even we are still opining about it says something. That it’s a major presence to contend with. And getting even worse as a sickening amount of ways to propagate the message arrive each year (i.e., social media, apps, non-stop incoming messages). But the world needs dissenters – otherwise all hope will be gone.

Super Bowl Commercials Hoboken Podcast - Hoboken on Super Bowl Commercials

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The Superbowl is just an excuse to get together with friends, have a few drinks and eat Nachos. The game is meaningless. The NFL is moving it to next weekend soon when most people have Presidents Day (Monday). This will increase productivity 5,000% as people will no longer have to call in sick the day after hung over.