Glutenberg Beer {60 second review}

We normally do not indluge in beer these days. It’s gassy, and just not our style. However, we spotted these GLUTENBERG beers the other day – and were compelled to try them out.

One, because it sounds like neighboring town Guttenberg. “Glutenberg” is the overall equivalent, wouldn’t ya think? And it kind of goes along with the whole Gluten-free movement.

But our point was to share what (former beer drinkers) have to say about the flavor and “buzz factor.”

Glutenberg India Pale Ale Beer - Glutenberg

Glutenberg Sampler Pack

Glutenberg Beer is not particularly easy to find. And in many instances, you will not find their “full lineup,” but instead a pack or two along with their “sampler” 4-pack.

The 4-pack is what we used for this initial review.

The four beers included in this pack were: Red, India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale and Blonde.

  • Red: Reminded me a bit of Newcastle Brown Ale, but with a much less sophisticated taste, and a bit too fizzy. Wouldn’t drink again.
  • India Pale Ale: Not bad. Definitely had that distinct characteristic you’ve come to recognize in the IPA type beers – but overall less “oomph.” But enjoyable nonetheless. A good drink for the casual beer drinker.
  • American Pale Ale: I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between American and India.
  • Blonde: Worst of the bunch. Not offensive by any means, but not substantial either. A cold, fizzy drink with minimal flavor. Beverage credits could be better used elsewhere.

Gluten-free beer: Not the end of the world

Luckily for people with Gluten issues – this is a sigh of relief. You can still enjoy a decent beer that doesn’t throw you out of whack.

The buzz-factor was in line with most average beers, and the drinkability was above par. We since tried another 4-pack of just the India Pale Ale, and had no complaints.

Just remember that gluten-free isn’t some kind of magical trick to solve health problems. Still has lots of carbs, and beer is not a good idea for those who strive to live low carb.


Glutenberg Gluten Free Beer - Glutenberg

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