Gas prices – now what?

Gas prices – up over 40% in two months

Just some photographic documentation for the historical record.

Gas prices were at their lowest in recent memory a couple months ago, they’ve now gone up around 40% since then. That sucks!

Hoboken gas prices early april 2016 - Gas prices - now what?

Hoboken gas prices early May 2016 - Gas prices - now what?

Hoboken Gas Prices Cinco de Mayo 2016 - Gas prices - now what?

Gas prices – lower, lower, lower…

2/24/2016 Update:

In the less than three weeks since we posted this, regular gas prices have gone down around $0.20 per gallon ($1.49 last fill-up). That’s about $5 bucks a tank for us!

The average total “tax” on fuel is around 50 cents a gallon. Federal tax portion has remained the same for over two decades.

A little food for thought – if they could just solve the fraud in the healthcare system – they could eliminate ALL gas taxes, and make 300% more than they take from drivers each year. And we’d have sub-$1.00 fuel!

falling gas prices Hoboken NJ please keep going down - Gas prices - now what?

How low will gas prices go?

2/5/2016 Update:

Gas prices have plummeted over the past year. While it’s stabilized a bit (even crept up a few pennies this week), we’re certainly not complaining about the downward trend. We even saw it for under $1.50 at some places in NJ. It’s under $1.30 in certain spots in the mid-west too!

Even California isn’t that bad – in the low $2 range.

The most expensive is still (and always will be) on 11th Ave. in Manhattan (How do they get away with charging over $3.50 a gallon today? How?)

A little over three years ago – gas was way more than double the cost it is now. I remember paying over $100 for a tank up in Connecticut – today, I can fill an almost empty tank for under $30.

Just wondering how long it’ll last.

It’s definitely not overwhelmingly “life changing,” but it’s safe to say I probably had $500 more to spend on other things over the course of the past six months. Not chump-change by any means!

gas prices How low will gas go hoboken NJ - Gas prices - now what?

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