Carlo’s Crumb Cake Controversy

Carlo’s “changing” crumb cake recipe {and?}

Hoboken411 reader “1standJefferson” loves the crumb cake from Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop downtown – but was in for a rude awakening the other day:

“So I went into Carlo’s Bakery (I know, I know) to grab crumb cake, the only thing a hoboken resident would get there and the woman said they discontinued it and they are working on a new recipe. She also added “don’t hold your breath”! Whaaaaat?? This is like when Coca-Cola changed their recipe and it took a movement to bring back classic Coke. I need my Carlos crumb cake every once in awhile!

Here is their response to my inquiry at Carlo’s:

Good morning,
Thank you for contacting us here at Carlo’s Bakery!

We have temporarily taken the Crumb Cake out of our stores for the fact we are improving the ingredients. We still offer the crumb pie, and crumb danishes for purchase. As soon as we perfected this recipe, we will send you an email informing you it is back in stock. We greatly appreciate you taking out the time to explain your feelings towards our crumb cake. We will have to on record.

All the best,
Carlo’s Bakery Management

The recipe was already perfected!!”

Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop Hoboken NJ

Why would Carlo’s change a recipe?

We don’t eat crumb cake nor do we ever think about stepping foot inside Carlo’s (even for gifts). But a logical person would still wonder why people change things.

Some good starting points to consider:

  1. Cut corners, save time, save money (or all of the above). It’s possible that Carlo’s belts out so many crumb cakes, that they felt the need to find a way to do it better. Even if that meant changing recipes. They could also have issues with their supplier – or that a certain supply is no longer being made. At the same time, they may be getting greedy – and want to profit even more from their crumb cake sales. Who knows.
  2. Additionally – it’s possible they surveyed people (or responded to customer complaints) about their preferences. Too dry. Too moist. Too sweet. And so on.

Naturally – as with any product that people have personal opinions about – you can almost never make everyone happy 100% of the time.

Either way – good luck with the crumb cake quagmire!

Carlo's Crumb Cake Controversy Hoboken NJ

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i am in tucson az, and my sister was going to send me a crumb cake and now buddy what???? do not change what is a part of your success. at least for the people who are a backbone of carlos for decades. millie silvio