Do you trust voting booths?

Are voting booths reliable?

voting booths do they matter - Do you trust voting booths?I’ve always had this mindset: “Anything that can be done, can be UN-done.” And voting booths fit quite neatly in that category.

Elections in this country (and most others) are sketchy to begin with. I actually don’t mind the “VBM” (vote by mail, often referred to as “absentee”) because they have a physical piece of evidence.

A voting “machine,” on the other hand is just a (supposed) TALLY of individual ballots. It’s not connected to a name, and cannot be verified.

When I vote at a ballot machine – I cannot CONFIRM that Hoboken411’s vote registered properly. Numbers just accumulate in the box supposedly, and at the end of the day a total is spat out. All “behind a curtain.”

Electronics are prone to tampering

I’d prefer a voting machine that hand a bunch of physical beads in them. One color for every candidate. You press the lever – and a BEAD drops into a bin. The results should not be “kept secret” until the very end. The number / tally should be visible at all times. To PROVE that your vote added to the total of whatever candidate you voted for. (This can be accomplished electronically, too – but I was being a bit literal in a physical sense).

I know they have their reasons for keeping the numbers “secret,” but perhaps now is the time to put an end to that – for the sole sake of transparency. They say “Oh, if one candidate appears to have a landslide, then people won’t bother.” Well, that is a problem. People should cast their votes regardless. It should not be the responsibility of the machine to dictate.

vothing booths do they even count anymore - Do you trust voting booths?

Secrecy is good (for some)

Don’t you see the reason why the vote tally should be a VISIBLE, running total? It almost eliminates the possibility of tampering.

If I enter a machine with 999 votes for Candidate A – and 200 votes for Candidate B – and I enter my vote – I want to see that “A” went up to 1000 or “B” went up to 201. Verifying that the total vote count increased accordingly would make voters feel a LOT better. Having trained spotters to monitor the process would be a necessity as well.

Going into a voting booth these days is almost a mockery if I cannot verify that my vote actually augmented the total accurately. And I think the “machine” likes it that way, don’t ya think?

Is there a better way to count millions of votes?

voting is questionable - Do you trust voting booths?This is a major problem when you have to deal with hordes of people. There is so much room for error, fraud, tampering and other nefarious activity – it should make all of you uneasy, and yearn for “a better way.”

So what are some better methods to accurately tally the public consensus in a political election?

For one – there has to be a system to without a doubt be able to see that your vote actually counted. They talk about transparency all the time – but voter fraud is rampant in this country.

From the “street level” (i.e., paying for votes) all the way up to the ballot machines (sophisticated vote tampering). What wholesale changes need to happen to our voting process to put an end to the constant cycle of concern?

And furthermore – why is this not a major priority to the “freedom loving” people of this country? Why are we relying on such a secret industry where hardly anyone even knows how a voting machine works? Some sketchy looking contraptions that you supposedly TRUST, when you have NO CLUE how it works? Never saw the patents? Can’t “play with one” to see if it’s hackable? Or tamper-proof? Or even REAL for that matter? Maybe they’re just empty shells of crap?

Why haven’t there been in-depth demonstrations as to exactly how these machines work. Bolt by bolt, nut by nut, chip by chip. Why can’t independent “techies” examine the machine, like at some kind of “HACK-A-THON?” And not just any machine – but EVERY machine. Because if a machine was “volunteered” for a HACK-A-THON, you can bet that it’s not one of the “suspicious” ones.

Why can’t ordinary citizens be able to “audit” what is happening (in REAL TIME) on these machines? That is the real question… Everything is shrouded in mystery until the winner is declared.

Yes – we know it’s considered an elite “protected class” of people (i.e., the “gubbmint”), but there has to be a time where the people put an end to this divisive situation and take back what was once “for the people.”

There HAS to be a better, more efficient, entirely accurate way to perform these elections.

The days of carnival mysteries has to cease and desist NOW!

Footnote: What is democracy and politics anyway?

voting transparency - Do you trust voting booths?As an afterthought, I realized I was chomping on low-hanging fruit (i.e., the voting process). More important to determine is what is all this crap anyway?

What is wrong with the entire democratic process today? We have “”leaders”” (in super double-sarcastic-quotes) who “lead” bodies of people, even when they only get less than A THIRD of the popular vote (see: “mayor” don Zimmer as an example).

The so-called “democratic” voting process is a sham. Because in cases where someone wins 50.49% to 49.51% of the popular vote – they become empowered with the ability to DICTATE (essentially) over the nearly HALF of the people that DID NOT WANT THEM TO HAVE THAT POWER.

I can go on and on – but having “leaders” you DID NOT APPROVE OF, is akin to a dictatorship. While calling it “democratic” sounds free and open – it’s not.

This is why more and more people are gravitating to the “Voluntary” type societies.

Where things are moved forward on a mutually agreeable basis – one by one.

“Herds” may seem easy to nudge and influence – but most certainly not indefinitely. This is exactly why we’ve had such drastic changes in society throughout history. You can read all about it if you want. But as they say, history often repeats itself – but the people are fooled into thinking change is possible.

Final Footnote: Why only career politicians & celebrities?

The last thought that entered my mind was: “Why can’t an everyday “JOE” become President?”

There are countless BRILLIANT minds among us. People with common sense, unaffected by power and influence – yet only long-time politicians and people with celebrity and money can get to the forefront of American politics. Such a shame that it is more a POPULARITY CONTEST than anything else.

The VALUES and ideas are nothing – but the sound-bites and charisma counts more. Why has society even allowed this?

Sure, I’ll agree – that “experience” counts in many aspects. But a fucking “career politician?” That would be a DISQUALIFYING bullet point on a resume, if you ask me.

In defense of Trump – his experience in the business world is a lot more admirable that experience in the shoddy world of politics. But that is only one facet of the big picture.

It is such a shame that billions of dollars need to be raised to get a blip on the radar of American politics. And where they get those billions astounds me. How many total suckers live in this country? Is it all just big business and special interests? I don’t know anyone who has given a dime to a politician. Has to be those “1%” who would benefit, right?

We need a “regular Joe” to represent us. Not someone who is entirely delusional as to what is really happening on the streets of America.

Have a nice afternoon!

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What we need is to eliminate party affiliations on the ballots . . . can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if the sheeple actually had to pay enough attention to actually pick the candidate of “their choice”? Better yet, assign every candidate a random 3 letter identifier to eliminate the “Oh, Clinton [or Bush] is a name I recognize and like/don’t like so I will vote / not vote for them” . Political affiliations on the ballot were the beginning of the end of thoughtful democracy.