Delivery Blockage in Hoboken

Delivery Blockage in Hoboken, NJ – Any alternatives?

Hoboken is steadily getting worse and worse each passing year – especially when it comes to motorized transport. And one key element to the situation is the daily delivery blockage!

UPS, FedEx, liquor distributors, moving vans, etc. Couple that with the stupid parking bollards and curb bumps “to keep idiots safe while they wander around on their cell phones,” we’re bordering on “Mad Max” conditions.

And when Washington St. (delivery zones or not) gets re-done in a year or two – there will be even LESS spots.

Take a look at this crazy scene just a block from City Hall. A frickin’ 18-wheeler from Albert’s Organics double-parked RIGHT AT THE INTERSECTION to deliver a pallet of stuff to Basic Foods. It was hazardous for both cars and pedestrians.

delivery blockage in Hoboken NJ Alberts Organics

Some good ideas – highly unlikely they will ever happen

I’ve always visioned a kind of “central hub” for Hoboken.

A “warehouse” of some kind that is easily accessible for large vehicles. This distribution center would be shared by all major delivery companies and act as a “first stop” for Hoboken, where after packages are processed – they are delivered to their final destination on much smaller vehicles (depending on the cargo).

Conceptually it works – but there are too many pieces to the puzzle in terms of ownership, responsibility, cost, liability and other logistics to ever believe it is something that can become a reality.

I guess this is what happens when a city out-grows itself, and it is no longer sensible to pack people more inside. And don’t mention NYC either – they have a world-class subway. Hoboken has dog-piss covered frozen bicycles.

delivery blockage in Hoboken NJ UPS

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I think Joseph Corey is ahead of the game in warehousing and could get involved involved in “last mile” solutions.


My trolley idea is not so crazy after all…

From 4 Hour Parking Post:
“What we need is a new plan with old school free trolleys (6-8 of them) that go from 14th to 7th and 7th to 1st Street. They can build 2 parking lots on North and South of town and restrict Washington Street to delivery vehicles only. There would be a Trolley every 60-90 seconds taking you to where you need to get to. This will never happen as it will have to be handicap accessible blowing the whole thing up. Homeless people will also shit/piss on the trolley.”


I love this idea, but you realize we used to have them, right?