End 4 hour parking?

Is it time to end 4 hour parking in Hoboken?

4 hour parking sign hoboken NJ - End 4 hour parking?Most of the “rules” implemented in Hoboken over time were intended to “accomplish” two main results.

  1. First and foremost – revenue for city lackeys.
  2. Under the guise that whatever “rule” is benefiting society in some way.

This includes the 4 hour parking rule.

Most rules when put forth for approval for adoption into the city code – are typically “justified” in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s “studies,” reports or other kind of backup, those campaigning for the new rules have to successfully sell it (or have a “majority” on the council to push whatever shoddy bullshit through with no opposition).

We think the 4 hour rule needs to be either eliminated entirely – or dramatically scaled back.

Why is the 4 hour parking rule stupid?

Besides the unnecessary financial rape if violated, the 4 hour parking rule is just not realistic. For many reasons.

[And before we get started – there is still some ambiguity regarding what “4 hours” means. Back in the day, before digital license plate capture devices (thanks for nothing, technology), the 4 hour parking rule meant “parking in one place for 4 hours.” Old fashioned tools cops and meter maids used to use included CHALKING the tires.

4 hour parking robbery hoboken NJ - End 4 hour parking?Today, apparently – the “4 hours” means – FOUR HOURS WITHIN THE BORDERS OF HOBOKEN. Meaning if you park downtown and shop for three hours, then you cannot park uptown and have dinner for another three hours with friends without risking a costly ticket (or worse, tow or boot). Part of me says this is completely illegal, and some crafty lawyer out there should consider a class-action against the city – for all those who received summonses like I described.]

But the 4 hour parking rules is JUST TOO SHORT.

While the city drools at the “shooting fish in a barrel” prospects of an easy revenue stream – this has many downsides for the real world.

It creates MORE traffic and congestion. Forcing hundreds of cars to frequently have to move around goes against the “green” image the city wants you to believe.

It hurts businesses. Sure, Washington Street should have short-term parking for shoppers. That makes sense there only. Although that is a entirely different quagmire as most business owners park there anyway. A story for another day. But encouraging visitors to stay longer can only help the bottom line of small businesses.

Why would eliminating or extending the 4 hour parking rule help?

For one, I believe it would make visiting the city that much more enjoyable for visitors. Removing the stress and worry about time-limits would help the overall mood. If the city wants to improve their image – this is an ideal starting point.

Most cars would be coming or going – not swimming like sharks.

The 4 hour parking rule, should ideally just be eliminated altogether. You’re not going to have a sudden influx of cars staying parked forever. They still have to move once a week for street cleaning.

But at the very least – a 48 hour limit is bearable (many cities in NJ have similar parking limits). This would help weekend visitors a lot as well.

Imagine as word got out “Yeah, we can park without hassle in Hoboken – let’s go visit Jim this weekend!”

Another benefit would be you could probably cut staff at the HPU as well. Less overhead, potential employment lawsuits, etc. Win – Win!

It just seems so fucking stupid to PUNISH (read: ROB) people who want to frequent your city.

ditch the 4 hour parking rule hoboken NJ - End 4 hour parking?

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Saturday, February 6, 2016 1:35 pm

Up in the northwest quadrant a substantial amount of the on-street parking is constantly reserved for out of town employees of the developers of the new buildings. Come up to Clinton north of 13th – the entire east side of Clinton has been exclusively developer and they reserve the majority of the west side almost every weekday. And it’s just guys from PA with their pickup trucks parking there. Leaving trash. They’ve ruined the street paving and made the circle at the far end their own personal staging area. And the trash just drifts around like tumbleweeds. Compare the building one block south, where they seem to be willing to live within their boundaries a lot better. What a difference a block makes.

Friday, February 5, 2016 11:09 am

The problem is the not the 4 hour parking, its the lack of consistent enforcement. I see out of state cars parked for days with no other permits and they don’t get ticketed or towed. Those are spaces that should be for residents. What is the purpose of 4 hours parking to encourage visitors to our city? If so build some municipal garages that give discounted parking for short term parking or discounted long term parking for residents.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 1:36 pm

4 Hour parking prevents people from driving into Hoboken, parking and taking the Path/Ferry to NY for work or sightseeing. With almost 60,000 people in town and few new spots residents have to take precedence over Visitors. Why would anyone ever move their car? A $40 street cleaning ticket 4X a month is cheaper then a parking spot.

What we need is a new plan with old school free trolleys (6-8 of them) that go from 14th to 7th and 7th to 1st Street. They can build 2 parking lots on North and South of town and restrict Washington Street to delivery vehicles only. There would be a Trolley every 60-90 seconds taking you to where you need to get to. This will never happen as it will have to be handicap accessible blowing the whole thing up. Homeless people will also shit/piss on the trolley.

Reply to  whewwhewwhew
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 4:54 pm

Revoke ADA! hahahaha

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 9:32 am

HOLD UP THERE!!!! while these are valid points for VISITORS, and are great for the idea of having a friend come visit, this is absolutely the worst idea i could possibly think of for RESIDENTS.
I do not plan to live in hoboken forever, or even for longer than the next few years, so therefore i am not going through the trouble of changing my car insurance information so that i am allowed to park on the resident side. Which means even though I live in hoboken and have for a while, i am not allowed to park on the resident side-I HAVE to park on the permit side, which is already a nightmare. if visitors are staying in spots for 48 hours or more, those that live here are never going to find parking, period.
Unless hoboken allows RESIDENTS no matter what state their car is registered in to get a resident permit, this idea should not even be thought about for a second.

Jessica E.
Jessica E.
Reply to  LauraT
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 10:47 am

I understand the concern for those that have temporary parking, especially after having gone through the hassle of switching everything over and the nightmare of parking as it is. However, being a resident of Hoboken and having your vehicle registered and insured in another state/town is fraud. That’s why Hoboken requires that you switch everything over. It also deters some people from keeping a car in town when there is such limited parking.

Reply to  LauraT
Thursday, February 4, 2016 8:01 pm

You say that you live in Hoboken and intend to stay for a few years, yet your car, for insurance reasons, is registered out of state. I’m no expert, but you may be committing insurance fraud as well as violating NJ motor vehicle laws. You should check with your insurance company and make sure they know that you live in Hoboken but register your car somewhere else.

Reply to  LauraT
Friday, February 5, 2016 11:05 am

How can you be a resident if your car is registered out of state that makes absolutely no sense.

Reply to  LauraT
Saturday, February 6, 2016 1:38 pm

Hate to rain on your happy place but your car is supposed to be registered and insured where it, and you, sleep. From the looks of it, that’d be Hoboken for you.

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