How is NI**ER offensive?

Circling the drain: Now “NI**ER” stirs up controversy

Yeah, this story is a bit old – but I still see it cropping up everywhere. I’ll spare the details, but some happy school girls were just playing with the lettering on their shirts (which spelling something else) and some of them posed together with the letters “NI**ER.” Apparently it was the most offensive thing ever.

This stupid shit has caused so much controversy, with calls for action, students who should get expelled, and people fired. Really?

See what bugs me the most is – that because of the asterisks – this is not a word. It’s just “NI**ER.” It does not spell ANYTHING AT ALL.

For those who assumed it spelled “NIGGER” and got angry have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR STUPID INSECURITIES!

This can also spell other things too, like:

  • NICKER (a sound a horse makes)
  • NIGHER (i.e., closer)
  • NIMMER (a thief, rhymes with “zimmer” coincidentally enough…)
  • NIPPER (a form of “kids”)
  • NITTER (an insect, see “zimmer” for more…)

How is NI--ER offensive to anyone

To create such controversy and drama in what is supposed to be a free country of strong-willed people is an embarrassment. A definite sign that the circling of the drain is speeding up, and we’re getting closer to a very bad point in time.

Sad that these girls “apologized” to appease anyone. “Get over yourselves” is what I would have said.

It’s apparent people have almost nothing better to do these days, other than find EACH AND EVERY opportunity to flush this country down the tubes. And yet another chink in the armor of “technology” and all the good it was supposed to do for humanity. Ha!

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I’ve heard it said that POCs are sacred objects in the Liberal imagination. Anything that even hints at blasphemy can unleash an Inquisition-level response by defenders of the faith, complete with show trials and public confession of sin (aka apologies).

Yeah it seems a little overwrought and wrapped in double standards but that’s the nature of the sternly religious. Mock it all you want but you’re outnumbered by the True Believers, and fence sitters who would rather not risk their livelihoods.


Somewhat OT: How about the phrase “colored person”? An utterance of that will send a PC leftist shrieking or stumbling to the fainting couch.

But all you need to do is rearrange the words to get “person of color” and suddenly it’s an honorific title.


Wait, so you actually think that was only wrong if they had included the two missing letters? If so, then such views are really why America is circling the drain. We all have a responsibility to raise future generations to be decent human beings. I shudder to think that if your kid did that, you’d shrug it off as no big deal. What is that teaching them? They clearly knew what they were doing, which is why they apologized and didn’t defend it or explain they were spelling something else. No grey area here. Either you’re part of the solution…or part of the problem.