HPU hassles good samaritans

HPU disrupts (and tries to rob) good samaritans in Hoboken

The following example is just one of many times the city chooses “revenue” over “open your God damn eyes and have some common sense.”

It involves a resident who stopped to aid a person stuck in the snow – only to receive a hassling parking summons WHILE he was helping a fellow resident:

“During the blizzard in Hoboken, while making a run to Walgreen’s for supplies for the storm, I came across a car stuck in the snow trying to exit from the parking lot on Washington Street. The car prevented any vehicles going in or coming out. So, as a good, upstanding citizen of Hoboken, I parked in front of Walgreens — with my flashers on — got out and provided assistance to the woman who was stuck.

What was my “reward?” A parking ticket from PEO N. Mestre for “no parking emergency temporary zone.” WHAT THE ???? Where was Officer Mestre when myself and eight others were attempting to push this car out of the snow? Writing tickets instead of providing assistance obviously. Fortunately, I verified with Walgreens their video equipment is, in fact, in good working order and the entire incident was caught on record.


Note: After much hemming and hawing (and sending countless emails, phone calls, city hall visits), he discovered that the parking ticket had been marked “paid.” While that was the right thing to do for him, it should never have reached that point. It really is a shame that residents get hassled with NO restitution for their troubles.

snow parking ticket paid in Hoboken NJ

resident ticketed while helping others in blizzard

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