Butchered Trees on Garden Street

6/26/2008 Update:

In case you’re wondering… these wires are now on fire.


Here’s a follow-up to a comment that a reader sent in yesterday, complaining about yet another butchering of trees in Hoboken.

Chop Chop

“Hi, you have a great website! I read it every day! I have a suggestion for an entry today. The town (for PSEG?) is butchering the trees on the east side of Garden St between 13th and 14th Street right now. They cut so many branches off these trees that they might as well chop down the entire trees. There are just a few branches left at the very bottom and very top of trees that are more than 3 stories high! They started this in the fall and now they’re finishing off the job. It’s HORRIBLE! Ironically, not a block away, on the east side of Park between 13th and 14th St is a relatively new sign declaring Hoboken “Tree City USA”.

What do you think of this hatchet job?


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It would be sweet if the wires were buried, but that’s not going to happen. Far too expensive. Also, that would require an unbelievable mountain of paperwork, because “easements” would be required for every private inch of land through which the wires are buried.

Where I grew up, the wires were in the back of the houses, not in the front, so you generally did not see them. Why are they in the front here? Simple. The buildings predate municipal electricity.

In the suburbs, the easements are already written into the master deeds and handed on down when the land is subdivided. Probably no such luck here, and some putz will always try to demand $50 billion to run a wire through his land. Which, I guess, is his right unless the state chooses to break his arms with an eminent domain action.


The issue here isn’t the trees but the power lines. The reason why the wires are catching fire is not because of the trees, but because of the worn down insulation of the wires It’s cheaper for PSE&G to cut down some branches than to replace the insulation. Actually, the best thing to do would be to bury all those ugly wires. PSE&G doesn’t want to hear that, though.
“That would probably NEVER happen, it would be too expensive”- PSE&G employee. (June 25,2008)
Instead they keep butchering the trees, and making the city uglier.

BTW, for all of you calling the people that have the presence of mind to be outraged over the butchering of these trees “Tree-Huggers” or “Hippies”: I MIGHT forgive your IGNORANCE if we lived in, let’s say,1970… As a matter of fact, let’s cut ALL the trees down, don’t recycle, pollute the air a little more, keep smoking and keep eating trans fat. Smarten up people! It’s 2008.


Easy-E: I just reread my post. It came out completely wrong. I meant to say they should have planted a different type of tree. The type that doesn’t grow so large.


re: #7. Thank you, hobojoe. I have the same vague memory of those Master Plan recommendations.


[quote comment=”90038″]That is the block I live on. I live across the street from what’s pictured. Those lines also went on fire last Sept. It was a Saturday morning. The fire dept came. PSEG came and cut the branches. The trees are beautiful. They have grown much to big for Hoboken’s narrow sidewalks. The roots are busting up the sidewalks. This is causing a hazardous walking condition. Smaller trees should have been planted.[/quote]

Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure they don’t plant huge trees. They like, grow, or something because they are indeed freakin’ alive… Man.