5th annual Senior/Junior Prep Day

6/2/2008 Update:

Theresa Minutillo sends thanks

Hoboken Theresa Minutillo“Five years ago when I created the Hoboken High School Senior Prep Day, I had no idea where it would lead. It started as a day to bring together members of the business world and Seniors who were not planning to attend college so that they could share resources and make connections which might benefit them both. It has since expanded to include the entire Senior and Junior classes and a handful of interested sophomores.

Our students were able to tap into the experiences of our volunteers who helped them write resumes, provided them with interview techniques, and guided them on how to dress for a professional environment. This year also included many entrepreneurs from our community who spoke of how to take a hobby, a skill, or an interest and turn it into a business. We also had representatives from Hudson County Personnel, the Hoboken Police Dept. and the Department of Motor Vehicle who came with job information. Forty volunteers met with over 300 students to share their views and frustrations and to provide encouragement to these students.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our students for allowing us the opportunity to share with you, to the teachers and administrators who helped them prepare for this event, and to all our volunteers who took the time to make the Senior/Junior Prep day such a success. As one student wrote, her favorite part of the event was “the advice and sense of the realness from the people”.

I share her view. Senior prep day has become one of my favorite days of the year. I am already looking forward to next year.

Thank you,
Theresa Minutillo”


5/29/2008 Update:

Here’s a video about yesterday’s Senior Prep Day:


Help our local students! Now includes Juniors as well!


From Theresa Minutello:

5th Annual Senior/Junior Prep Day

“The 5th annual Senior/Junior Prep Day has been placed on the calendar and the call for volunteers to participate in an event that benefits our local Hoboken High School students has started. As you may know, this event was started to benefit the graduating seniors who weren’t going on to college (60% of the graduating class) but quickly grew to include the entire senior and junior class. Whether looking for a part-time summer job or a full-time career our students can learn from you.

On May 28th from 8:30am-noon in the gymnasium of the High School, local volunteers will gather to help the students write resumes, coach them on interview techniques, and to advise them on how to present themselves appropriately in their appearance.

We are incorporating a new element this year, the inclusion of local entrepreneurs to talk with the students on how they got started in business and to give the students a new perspective on the opportunities that are available to them. If you’d like to meet a great group of young people and if you love your career please come and have one on one conversations with our students.

We are also expanding the role of volunteers who would like to review the student’s sketch books and drawings to give them insight into the careers that they can pursue.

We look forward to sharing this great experience with you and ask that if you have any friends, co-workers or neighbors that would like to join us to please extend an invitation. Contact me for further information at Theresa@TheresaMinutillo.com or call me at 201-795-9409.”

Theresa Minutillo

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On a positive note: I’m pleased to see that Theresa Minutillo is still involved in the Sr/Jr Prep day, something that she started a few years back and that I suppose was responsible for sparking her initial interest in running for the BOE. She’s had to endure a lot of crap from the Hoboken goombah crowd, both during meetings and during school board elections, and it’s encouraging to see that she’s still involved in doing something for the kids that will truly help them prepare for life in the real world. Good for you, Theresa.


wow. westsidemom, i’m i’m with you. 60% is an unacceptable number. what is the reason these kids do not go to college? is it that they don’t have the grades? finances? what is it? i would have liked to help out.


60% of our kids not going to college is too high! Where are the opportunities for local professionals and entrepreneurs to help kids see why it is important to go to college, and be ready to go to college?

Which is not to take away from the great work Teresa and other volunteers have done to make a real difference in the lives of today’s students. Well done.


I went last year and it felt really good to help out. I took a half day off from work. I’m pretty sure I’ll volunteer again this year.


anyone going?