NJ School Choice Summit 2016

NJ School Choice Summit 2016

If you’re interested in being involved with the educational system – and want to see what’s going on in 2016 (especially if you have kids), then the NJ School Choice Summit 2016 being held this Friday, January 29th should be on your radar.

Tickets are $30 online – or $40 at the door. It’s being held all day (9am to 4pm) at St. Peters in Jersey City.

“National School Choice Week provides an unprecedented opportunity, every January, to shine a positive spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children.

In commemoration of National School Choice Week, Choice Media and Saint Peter’s University School of Education invite you to join education reform leaders and supporters from across New Jersey for a timely, important, and uplifting meeting about education reform and school choice in the Garden State.

Ticket price includes breakfast, lunch and innovative strategies to improve education in the New Jersey.”

Here’s a promo video:

I think it’s good there is at least some conversation about it. But how effective it really will be remains to be seen.

The fact that people permit the government to be involved in ANY capacity when it comes to the education of children (very little choice available to parents) bugs the crap out of us. When you peel back the layers and research the history of it all – it’s not good. And it’s getting harder and harder to find anyone who’s capable of having a deep, holistic discussion about the big picture.

NJ School Choice Summit 2016

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