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About four and a half years ago – we “gave up” television. That means we do NOT have any cable or TV connection to the home. We have internet (otherwise how would this blog be updated daily?)

But my debates with people regarding TV shows remains stronger that ever. It appears that people are willing to fight hard for their addiction to TV.

Justification – or just blind to the facts?

Television addiction mind numbingThe folks I interact with are strongly defiant. They don’t want to accept that they’re victims of a marketing scheme.

I don’t care what the subject matter of the “TV show” is, it’s purely psychological manipulation one way or another.

  • Even if they’re not “selling” a particular product – they still wan’t you “hooked.” Because they’re either selling their advertising space – or keeping you hooked on their “subscription” (i.e., HBO, SHO, ETC.)
  • More often than not – they’re selling a product, a mindset, an idea, or other social-conforming concepts to get you geared up for something in the future. “Programming” for real.

Good entertainment? Really?

Here’s what bugs me the most. Those who defiantly defend the entertainment industry almost always rely on the same so-called facts. “I want to relax after a hard day of work.”

Or “I need an escape from reality.”

Or “It allows me to be somewhere else as I wind down….”


None of those excuses give merit to wasting your life away “being entertained.”

Those hours you spend wasting away on the sofa do NOT add any value to your life. In fact, if you’re on “Season 10” of your favorite show – I bet you recall nothing from Season One. What does that tell you?

It tells you that the hundreds if not thousands of hours you wasted “just getting older sitting still” while being entertained was ONLY a detriment to YOU. Not the producers of such entertainment.

Being well-read is a different story. Sure, it’s still “passive” in that regard, but the potential quality of what your brain is processing is much greater.

Best option with your free time is to bolster your skill-set. Learning a trade. Different languages. Exploring the world. Diversifying your list of real experiences. Or even just meditating and disconnecting from the frenzy is a thousand times better than cluttering your mind with endless TV entertainment. But then again, whatever works for you, right?

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Hopefully a meteor hits the Earth soon and we can all get on with our lives…


So you gave up TV, Sports and Gluten? Is Oxygen next?