When will all the snow melt?

When will all the snow melt in Hoboken?

With our monstrous snow fall this weekend – it brings to mind “when will all the snow melt?”

Because a couple feet of snow takes a while to completely go away on it’s own. And each additional snowfall after this will only delay the melt. You know city snow is disgusting just a day after. And gets progressively worse the longer it remains.

Well anyway, it was nice to have freedom of movement in most places today. With the exception of some minor obstacles and parking hell for the next few weeks, we’re pretty much almost back to normal.

But why are Hoboken schools closed Monday? What kind of lameness is that?

There are some scenes around town from Hoboken resident JP. (Including an adventurous short-wearing shoveler!)

when will all the snow melt in Hoboken NJ

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Just received a robo call from the Mayor’s office. Apparently the clean up has been postponed and will commence on March 20th.