Nextbike BURIED (still)!

Nextbike left to die in Hoboken

The shoddy track record of these wacky Nextbike “shares” just gets worse.

This bike we mentioned over a week ago along Bloomfield Street is still there, day after day – and in the way of “normal” life.

At what point (if not locked in their “proper” places – as if any place is even worthy), can residents just deem these eyesores GARBAGE and either cut it up and use it for scrap, or just toss in a dumpster somewhere?

nextbike buried weeks after Hoboken snow

Nextbike buried under snow in Hoboken


We knew this would happen. Those fruity Nextbike socialized transport mechanisms are causing trouble again.

This piece of crap was just laying on 5th Street under the snow, posing a potential pedestrian hazard!

We heard Nextbike was driving around with a truck to pick stragglers up – but we still saw many bikes in their racks (and under piles of snow, as demonstrated below).

Nextbike apparently issues a “fine” to those who don’t properly return the bikes. Great! Just what everyone needed, another way to get stiffed.

I wonder when they’ll just give up on this moronic plan and leave people up to their own devices. You gotta draw the line sometimes and not get involved. With the exception of the stellar NYC subway system – public transport generally sucks royal ass. There is a better way. It’s called owning your own bike and your own car. Period.

Nextbike trashed during Hoboken blizzard

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For both the mechanical safety of the bike and the road hazards they pose in several feet of snow, not having these removed was truly negligent.