Fun with Blizzards

Winter blizzard fun in Hoboken

Blizzards don’t have to be a ton of work (especially if someone does the work for you!)

One kid was spotted attempting to snowboard down some side streets. Not the best shredding area – but you can’t blame the dope for trying! At least he’s not at home playing computer games.

snowboarding in Hoboken blizzard 2016

And as always – parents and kids schlep their sleds up to Stevens to have some fun on a little hill. Kind of sucks the fence was in the way. Why? For their protection?

Remember some of the hills you used to sled down as a kid? I’ve gone back to some – and boy, they don’t seem as big as they used to. The joy of being a kid, right?

sledding at stevens in Hoboken NJ during the blizzard

Have fun with the cleanup and parking hell for the next week. And be on the lookout for yet another big snow event possible in a few days!

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