A walk around Hoboken (in the blizzard)

A walk around Hoboken during the blizzard

For those that either didn’t bother leaving the house – or who live in the tropics and want to see what’s happening in Hoboken during the epic blizzard of 2016, here’s a little sample:

The streets were nice and empty. People avoided the uncleared sidewalks.

The sidewalks around the parks sure were a priority today!

Speaking of parks – Pier A Park was eerily empty. With barely a coating in places, as the wind off the water blew it elsewhere.

No blizzard is complete without a snowman spotting!

A walk around Hoboken Blizzard 2016-4

Good luck cleaning those cars out! Always pays to put your car in a garage!

And as we mentioned earlier – the postal workers braved the elements once again!

A walk around Hoboken Blizzard 2016-15

Good luck out there folks!

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