Population growth outside Hoboken

Does anyone ever discuss population growth and infrastructure?

We all know that Hoboken is growing rapidly. Some even say we’re close to 60,000 residents (within our own borders). With all the new high-rise developments, and talk of even more coming to fill the final frontiers of un-developed land.

And sure, at the same time – some people might say it’s less than the peak, when over 70,000 residents once lived here. But back then not everyone had a car. But that’s not the point, really.

What about all the development outside of Hoboken?

Jersey City population growth outside hoboken

Jersey City, Weehawken growth impacts Hoboken too

I’m wondering if city “officials” from neighboring municipalities actually speak about the “big picture.” Or if those so-called “chosen Freeholders” in the county ever discuss how one city can adversely affect another. Or are they all just deaf, dumb and blind to how it all interacts?

Just across the southern border in Jersey City, several high-rise towers have been built, or are under construction (as well as in Weehawken, etc.)

It means thousands upon thousands of people have the potential to come through Hoboken. Visit our businesses, use transportation, and so on.

Do “traffic studies” include these numbers too? I bring that up particularly because of the asinine reduction of traffic volume on Observer Highway. Yeah, that’ll work.

And what about if the NJ Transit Rail Yards plan comes to fruition? With tens of thousands of additional souls taxing the infrastructure?

If anyone has spoken about this region holistically – I certainly haven’t heard about it.

Jersey City population growth outside hoboken 2

population growth outside Hoboken and its effects

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