118 Madison {Then & Now}

A Ottilo Stove (118 Madison – Then & Now)

The spot at 118 Madison has been “demo’d” for quite a while now. Was the A Ottilo Stove factory way back in the day.

So I decided to do a little “Then & Now” photo comparison just remember what it used to look like.

118 Madison Street A Ottilo Stove Factory

118 Madison Now

But why leave the chimney?

Find it a bit odd that they left the chimney from this building.

Is it some kind of rare, super chimney?

Or was the Hoboken “historical” commission hell bent on forcing the property owner into keeping it for some nostalgic reason?

Who knows. I just hope some stormy weather doesn’t knock this thing down.

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When they built two new buildings at 7th and Clinton next to the ambulance company they encapsulated one of the original brick walls of the previous building so as to avoid the need to comply with some zoning. The whole Zoning process seems a little crooked


I think I was at a planning board meeting (or zoning or whatever) and I heard them talking about this property, it seems the builder asked for adaptive reuse, and was told to leave a certain percentage of the building, but he took too much down, and it caused a whole kerfuffle. I do not recall the outcome, but it is all there in the meeting notes on the city’s website.


Why chimneys are left standing has always been a mystery to me.