How do you connect?

How do you connect when you are off the beaten path?

You know, when you witness the manufactured, cookie-cutter life that is being doled out to everyone in the world – you reach an impasse at a certain point in time. You realize that the majority of the people you stumble upon are victims of their environment.

I mean it when I say the majority. Even people very close to your “trusted circle of friends” are so-called “infected” with whatever mainstream topic that is en vogue. News, scary politics, shocking entertainment, awards shows, sporting events and associated controversies, fashion trends, and a million other pop-culture memes.

Some people I know (myself included), would rather talk about more subtle topics.

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But it becomes a problem when you realize “we’re lost” as a society.

The de-volution has happened before your eyes

We’ve always been technologically savvy. Since before the dawn of the “compact disc.”

It was fascinating back then. The leaps and bounds were tremendous. The “new” was truly new! But technology, in our opinion, hit a crucial road-block. It wasn’t about “what could we do better,” but rather – “how can we convert human souls to monetary units!” And most everyone blindly fell for it.

The whole social media phenomenon (and all the “good” that comes with it), is generally a giant negative to humanity.

Things happen too fast. Conclusions are reached way before facts and evidence are analyzed. Heck, now digital video editing can falsify “real” events (look up “Trumpet Sounds” on YouTube to see how folks are gaming the system….)

Getting back to connecting

I recall a timeframe a few years ago. I had stopped watching television for a few years. And each time I spent with a friend of mine, he made daily references to TV shows he had seen.

He asked me: “Did you see that show where so-and-so did this-and-that?” And each time my answer was “No, I don’t watch TV anymore….”

This kept repeating for months. The fact that I didn’t watch TV anymore did NOT sink into this person’s head. He kept asking me – as if it was “INSANE” to not watch TV!

I never was able to convince this person I actually did NOT watch TV, and had zero opinion on the subject.

Is that not weird to you?

Despite differences, people used to have things in common

I recall back when I was a teenager, I worked for a “major” electronics store.

I’d see people of all ages. Senior citizens, dopey suburbanites, goth kids, project-dwellers. Everyone under the sun.

One thing, regardless of what “they were into,” or where they lived, or how affluent they were – was that they all had basic common skills. Like math (counting money & change), or fundamental communication (“hello, how are you, thank you, etc.”)

Whatever their “shell,” they still possessed a certain level of “humanity” if that’s what it should be called. Like a common-denominator between human beings.

Today? Uh, I don’t think so.

The newest generation needs a tremendous amount of help! NOW!

We went to a Bed Bath & Beyond somewhere in NJ the other day. And boy, was I taken aback by the ineptitude of a certain employee. A guy, maybe 18 years old give or take a year.

I was astounded by this person’s complete lack of ability when it came to communication with other human beings. He made no sense. Had no logical thought process. Everything he did was wrong. I can’t even describe accurately how “off-base” the entire transaction was. It was almost like from another world.

Sure you can say maybe it was isolated. But I disagree. Every month that goes by, and as newer employees make the marketplace – I see it happening more frequently.

Cashiers can’t make eye contact (for a friendly transaction), they all use their phones between customers, and other odd behaviors.

How is that sustainable?

Without “popular” brainwashing, what connects people?

I guess this is the gist of my point. I see the majority of the populous “connecting” on things that are externally controlled. Like social media. Or voting for some dope on TV. Or a sporting event or political shit-show. Aren’t there better topics to talk about?

Some could say the “tin foil hat” community connects via “prepping” or other “doomsday” scare-tactics. That’s an easy way to create a divide.

But do you connect with anyone outside of those purely “tribe” based commonalities?

Are there any truly open-minded people out there anymore, that can connect to any idea or concept? Or does everyone “belong” to a camp of some kind? Where they might not be so open-minded to free-thinking?

Have you ever brought a “new” idea to someone’s attention – and they just cannot grasp it in any shape or form? Like it’s a foreign invader? That is how I feel every day.

We have a few readers here (older rather than younger) who get it. Most of them are anti-government – and we feel they’re wasting their time “fighting the local power.”

The big key is completely removing yourself from the big, bad equation.

But how does that relate to “connecting,” 411?

Good point, I’ve rambled.

I guess the bottom line is that when you figure things out way before anyone else – you have to get used to less connecting than you were used to when you were part of the formula.

One cannot expect to find many people of similar mind and body as readily as you used to just a decade or two ago. Our tribe has dis-banded and dissolved into a million micro-tribes. Most of which are not your type.

I think “connecting” with people who are truly in your zone in 2016 requires an insane amount of patience and prudence. You can’t simply “join a group” and expect perfection or bliss. People are way too distracted and scattered (and egotistic) these days. You have to exercise caution to the utmost degree. Almost valuing solitude over congruence.

Yes, you can be “one of many” easier than ever today – but to find true friendship and connection requires more effort and skill than before.

Keep that in mind as you analyze your list of social contacts.

Have a nice weekend, Hoboken!

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Great post. Connecting today is fake. I don’t think anyone cares anymore about reality. Until something bad happens to them and they need help. What happens then? They create an image of neediness, and form some kind of social outreach to help them. Something wrong about that. Why does everything need to go social? An easy way to make money and not suffer? The trials and tribulations of life’s up’s and down’s is what used to make us. Now it’s just a tap or click away with no effort.