Clear your closet – clear your mind

Clear your closet – clear your mind

Interesting lecture / talk this Thursday, January 21st called Clear your closet – clear your mind. It’s over at the Hudson School at Park & 6th.

While some might argue this is just one small component of common sense and logical thinking – it may serve an immediate purpose for those who have over-consumed beyond necessary.

clear your closet clear your mind

On Thursday, January 21 at 7:00 pm, The Hudson School will host “Clear your Closet, Clear your Mind,” a presentation by Betsy Ames, personal stylist, ‘closet curator’ and the author of the Mindful Style blog. (Open to the Public. Suggested Donation, $10, Students may attend for free.)

Do you spend too much time and energy deciding what to wear?

Are there too many items in your closet you regret buying?

Are you concerned about fast fashion’s impact on the environment?

“Clear your Closet, Clear your Mind”

Betsy Ames has been a personal stylist for over 25 years. She started her career at Glamour Magazine in the Fashion Department, then was a luxury goods personal shopper in Bloomingdales’ 59th Street store, and finally after raising four children she founded Mindful Style, a closet curation business.

Ms. Ames states, “I know I’m not alone in wanting to be stylish yet not a slave to fashion. I started Mindful Style to share my expertise with women and men who want to get off the fashion merry-go-round and make wardrobe choices based on inner values.”

After years of over-shopping for her clients and herself, Betsy studied mindfulness and that led her to believe she and her clients already have all they need. She helps clients pare down and then teaches them how to mix and match what’s left. In addition Betsy educates and advocates for sustainable fashion, as most people do not realize the terrible effects the garment industry has on our world.

The Hudson School’s Think Thursdays series was founded in 2010 to educate and inform the over-18 crowd with a lecture and film series aimed at adults. The Think Thursdays series, which is open to the public, features guest speakers, local authors, and films covering a broad range of topics.

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