Powerball Dreams {Over}

Powerball dreams come to an end in Hoboken

People shrug off the fact that they didn’t win the lottery – never admitting that they were sorely disappointed.

#podcast – Hoboken will not win the Powerball


Update: We sat down with Alice Stockton-Rossini of Hoboken Internet Radio to discuss the Powerball hysteria.

Powerball Dreams (and fluff news pieces in Hoboken)

“News” outlets all over the country LOVE when the hidden tax on the poor and middle class Powerball lottery jackpot swells to epic proportions.

Because the fantasy of winning astronomical amounts of money has consumed so many, they send crews out every single time to get the same old “reactions” over and over and over again. It somehow never gets tiring or old.

FOX News was in town this morning over at the 7 Eleven. Can anything new ever be said about this lottery spectacle?

Then again, maybe it wasn’t really for the Powerball, but rather an expose on what 7 Eleven’s chicken wings are actually made of?

I’ll offer one piece of advice to the winner – figure out a way to protect your identity – at any cost. Otherwise – this WILL happen to you:

powerball winner finds love of his life 720x361 - Powerball Dreams {Over}

Good luck tonight!

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powerball hoboken nj news truck 720x360 - Powerball Dreams {Over}

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Your radical prediction was true! Hoboken did not win!

But to be fair, you had a great chance in being right. What a joke this lottery is.

Better off starting a prostitution ring! Bada bing!


Figures one of the winners was in cash-strapped California. Sounds fishy to me. I don’t care if CA is the most populated state. The game is rigged.

Mrs. L
Mrs. L

Donated exactly $2 into the extracurricular tax fund. I’d be happy to double that with just the powerball number.