Flooding tank…

Dog & Pony show – Flooding tank $$ at city hall

All this work going on downtown at City Hall in Hoboken.

Apparently some kind of sophisticated (and public money costing) “flood containment” tank or drainage contraption.

I mean, really? I’ve always had doubts about these pie-in-the-sky concepts people come up with to “stop the flooding.”

At best, it might delay the inevitable by a couple minutes. But you can’t really beat Mother Nature.

When will people understand the risks associated with living next to large bodies of water? Or anything else for that matter (a fault line, power plant, even a big tree can harm you eventually).

But they’re cramming more and more people into these coastal cities. Something will give – it’s just a matter of time.

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How is the structural integrity of the historic Muni Building? Last I was in it really looked as if it needed some stabilizing.