Hoboken Nail Spa

Hoboken Nail Spa – 213 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

Not sure what to make of this “new” business set to open at 213 Washington St.: “Hoboken Nail Spa.”

For one, they have (or had) a spot at 231 Washington Street, right down the road. The logo is EXACTLY the same. So is the one closer to 3rd street closing? Not sure, nor do I care. We’ll find out soon enough.

But I’ll ask the continual rhetorical question – why does Hoboken have so many “nail salons?”

I’ll let you think about that one. It should be fairly obvious. But if you cannot comprehend – please email us.

Description: Nail Spa
Address: 213 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Hoboken Nail Spa 213 Washington St

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