Obnoxious Zip Car signs

Hoboken Character lost – Obnoxious Zip Car signs!

We all know that Hertz abandoned the stupid Corner Car concept, and now Zip Car is car sharing vendor Du Jour. Annoying that parking spots are still taken from residents and visitors.

But at least Hertz was a little more subtle about it.

Now Zip Car has implemented these (what I think are obnoxious) signs at each parking location. Ugly green orbs that beg for your attention. They’re easier to spot that those (needed) fire hydrant flags! Why does car sharing locations seem to get more priority?

This is odd, because the city has something called an “Historic Preservation Committee,” whose job it is to maintain the “character” of Hoboken. They ball-bust small businesses into conforming to some so-called standards, for the benefit of the community as a whole. This often costs these businesses an arm and a leg in an already challenging competitive environment.

How come no one was up in arms over these absurd signs? I’m telling you, Hoboken is turning into a carnival.

Are zip car signs and poles obnoxious in Hoboken NJ

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A “donation” form of bribe got a senseless bikes obscuring our corners and what-ever-goes pass for Zip-Car. Do you think politico Council majority care a rats arse about historical preservation?