Would thirsty concrete help flooding?

Why isn’t Hoboken using thirsty concrete to combat floods?

Take a look at this video below. Apparently this porous asphalt from Tarmac called “ULTISuDS” can absorb (lots of) water – and possibly prevent the sewer system from getting overwhelmed?

Or would this kind of pavement just wreck the infrastructure that currently lies beneath?

Either way – a very cool product.

In response to growing concerns over flood risk management, ULTISuDS is an integrated sustainable drainage solution that meets the requirements of current environmental legislation and reduces the risk of flooding by managing surface water at source.

Combining engineered porous asphalts and specialist base aggregates with measures like infiltration strips, ponds and swales, rainwater is quickly intercepted before it enters the watercourse and then slowly released into the ground below.”

thirsty concrete permeable asphalt roads hoboken nj flooding - Would thirsty concrete help flooding?

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A great potential, but unfortunately such material in it’s current state wouldn’t handle the expansion and contraction of a freeze-thaw cycle. Unless you like potholes!