Beware of Con Artists in Hoboken!


I’ve heard of a couple little rackets taking place in Hoboken lately (not at city hall, either).

Cablevision scammer


This one has been popping up as of late on the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner. A man rings your bell, or gains access to your building claiming either to be Cablevision salesman or repair person.

I can’t recall whether he asks for money, or some kind of identification, or even tries to burglarize your home if he gains entrance. But several callers to HPD have advised them of the situation and haven’t let him in. Often later at night, too (like 9pm and beyond.) So be on the lookout!

The Modell’s beggar

hoboken-modells-sporting-goods-scam.gifThis guy doesn’t appear as dangerous, and only asks people for money on the street.

The scam: This genius finds a Modell’s Sports ID tag that an employee would normally have on his neck. He approaches you on the street, and says his car ran out of gas, and he has only $0.xx change to his name. “Can you help me get some gas?”

He approached me uptown, and I had heard of this scam already. I asked him where his car was, and does he have a gas can… he stumbled, mumbled and pointed in some direction far away and I said “you’re pulling this stunt all over town” and he ran off…

Does him wearing a Modell’s Sports ID automatically give him credibility?

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[quote comment=”82101″]I met the Modells guy as my wife and I were coming out of Court Street. It striked me as very odd the first thing he claimed was he worked at a Modells. There isn’t a Modells in Hoboken!!! I think scammer and criminals are always trying to find someone dumber than them[/quote] There’s Modells between the Newport Mall and Target, right by Staples. I had a scam attempted on me about 5 years ago. I was walking along Washington St past Dunkin Donuts Friday after work and some girl came up to me and started a conversation. After some small talk that this was the first time she’s ever been to Hoboken, she told me she drove her car here all the way from Tom’s River because she was meeting some guy here for a date – but he stood her up, says that she’s scared being all by herself in an unfamliar town and doesn’t have enough gas to make it back home. She then asked if I could give her some gas money to make it back to Tom’s River. Of course I was suspicious, but just in case she was stranded, I wanted to help. So I told her to drive her car to the BP gas station, and I would walk up there myself to pay the station to fill up her tank. She said, I don’t want you to walk that far so she’ll just take whatever I can give her. So I… Read more »

Keep stopping for these guys and let your guard down and one will attack and rob you or worse. I’ve seen it happen many times in Hoboken.

BTW many of these bums and scammers are not alone, usually there is at least another near by and they work in teams. One will stop you and when the chance rises up the other will attack. Once you stop to chat, you are already lured in and can become a victim fast.

Call the police and tell them there is a strange guy bothering people and give the description and local…they will investigate and deal with the problem.

Another place to be aware of is the A&P and Shop Rite parking lots especially at night. I had to deal with a violent drunk bum in the A&P lot about 9:30pm a week ago. I was outside waiting for someone when this bedbug started bothering people that were entering and exiting the store. He would ask for money and when not given any he would confront the non-giver eventually leading up to him grabbing a woman by the arm entering the store. She screamed and I dealt with the guy followed by the store manager…he will not be in the A&P lot again anytime soon that is for sure!


Thursday night as I was walking past Muller Insurance, this older guy in a beige trenchcoat stopped me. He wanted to tell me his story. So I said…yeah, sure. He said he was just let out from St. Mary Hospital (except he was heading south on 9th and Wash). His friend was going to pick him up and take him home. But his friend never showed, so he needs to catch a cab but has no money. I had no money, but I offered him a smoke.

He was wearing hot pink lipstick smeared around his mouth. I’m wondering if he even knew it was still there. His coat was very stained and “lived in”. But I did notice he had an expensive gold chain and medallion around his neck, and he was wearing a thick gold bracelet. Both we real. Trust me, I can tell.

He thanked me for the smoke, asked me my name, thanked me again….and was on his way.

I really do wish I had my camera on me. I’m sure he would’ve agreed to have his picture taken. He was weird, but somehow normal. 😯


No cellphone pics of these scammers? Cumon people stop slacking.


I was approached by a heavy set gentleman telling me he was from Paramus and he had a tire blow out and needed to borrow $40 , he said he would give me all of his info and send me the $..this was right in front of CVS on washington..I said I would help him out and asked for his drivers liscense to write his info down…he said he didnt have it on him, so I than offered to go with him and see if we could fix the tire or get a spare, he said it was too far out of the way?? I than said sorry and walked on….2 days later he was at the cab stand by the p[ath doing the same thing…He is in his 50’s,white,and heavy set..almost looks like Bam Margera Unle Vito without the screwed up eyes…but just a heads up