Hoboken Drunk Watching

Hoboken Drunk Watching – New sport for 2016

Some folks I’ve spoken with recently are a bit dismayed at the public display of drunkenness that happens daily here in Hoboken. Going as far as suggesting that actually enforcing “public intoxication laws” should be stepped up.

drunk hoboken girl passed out - Hoboken Drunk WatchingPeople used to get locked up if they just stumbled around drunk! But we feel as long as they’re not actually harming anyone else (except themselves), better to leave the nanny-state out of the equation entirely.

But we’re starting a new series here on Hoboken411.com – Hoboken Drunk Watching.

Seeing totally sloshed individuals is funny. Kind of sad, but funny nonetheless. They’ll be out if full force tonight, that’s for sure!

Other names for this category were considered. Like “Living the drunk dream!” or “Fuck what mommy says!” and “Triple D Hoboken: Dumb, drunk & desperate.” And another reason why this will continue until the end of time? Because there’s no “APP” to replace being drunk and stupid!

Here’s an introductory clip. I guess people are having so much fun, they forget to regulate their consumption, and have trouble standing as a result. “Making the family proud!”

About Hoboken Drunk Watching

Hoboken Drunk Watching is a new category, focusing on how drunk people can get while out in public. Sort of like those “watch parties” for stupid shit like political debates.

You’ll see a wide range of drunks. Some folks are happy drunks, and like singing and dancing. While others become belligerent and destructive. Then of course you have the quiet drunks, who just become totally sluggish, sleepy and generally out of sorts.

You have any fun clips you’d like included in the Hoboken drunk watching category? Simply email hoboken411@gmail.com with the dropbox (or other file-sharing) link to the video. Include back-story if it adds to the fun. (Please state whether you’d like any kind of specific credit or not, of course.)

Hoboken Drunk Watching - Hoboken Drunk Watching

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Just curious of the legality of posting videos of people without their permission…