New Year’s Eve {last minute}

Last minute New Year’s Eve plans in Hoboken?

As you get older (and if you have your head screwed on right), the need to conform with the populous diminishes (as does the fear of missing out – commonly referred to as “FOMO.”)

That said, the urgency to have plans on New Year’s Eve for us is non-existent.

new years eve hoboken no plans - New Year's Eve {last minute}

You have no plans on New Year’s Eve?

But many people still want to “celebrate,” and with the bevy of options available (outside of your ordinary house parties), it can be a bit daunting to decide.

There could be many conditions for picking a place to ring in the new year, but if we were picking a place – we’d stick to basics:

  1. Quality of food
  2. Type of clientele
  3. Location

Cost is always in the neighborhood of about $100 per person give or take. So don’t let price be your roadblock.

We’d probably hit up House of Que (4th & Sinatra) – just for the lip-smacking BBQ. That alone is a great way to ring in the new year. $75 for general admission – $125 for “VIP.” They got big Country Cover band Big Hix playing (who always draw a crowd). Call (201) 706-8755 to reserve your spot (with a great view too!)

House of Que NYE 2016 Hoboken NJ - New Year's Eve {last minute}

The “fancier” restaurants like Anthony David’s Gourmet Specialties and Bin 14, etc. are likely out of the question this late in the game!

But here are some other New Year’s Eve options for you to consider in Hoboken. Remember – every place offers a “champagne toast” at midnight – so it’s utterly useless to mention:

No Cover New Year’s Eve Options in Hoboken

The Ale House – 11th & Willow. DJ music “Tasty Cakes.”
Cadillac Cantina – DJ music.
City Bistro – 56 14th St. Cash bar.
Nag’s Head – 359 1st St. Cash bar.
The Shannon – 106 1st St. Cash bar.
Texas Arizona – 76 River St. DJ music and close proximity to PATH.

Hoboken New Year’s Eve Packages (lowest to highest cost)

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten – 15th & Grand. ($20 at the door)
Finnegan’s – 734 Willow. ($20) You get a free drink, with The Brian Rigby Band playing live music.

Blue Eyes Cafe – 5th & Sinatra. ($65) Prix fixe dinner that (with 2 drinks). 201-683-6861

The Farside – 531 Washington. ($70) 4 hour open bar starting at 9pm. Food, music, etc.

Carpe Diem – 14th & Grand. ($75) 4 hour open bar 10pm-2am, food, DJ. Call 201-792-0050 for tickets.
Hoboken Bar & Grill – 230 Washington. ($75) 5 hour open bar, food. 888-998-6609.

Marty O’Brien’s – 1st & Bloomfield. ($85) 5 hour open bar, music & food.
The Stewed Cow Saloon – 4th & Adams. ($85 at 9pm – $60 at 11pm) open bar till closin’ time (3am).
Tally-Ho Saloon – 215 Washington. ($85) 5 hour open bar.

Reign Hoboken – Newark & River. ($90) 4 hour open bar.
The Turtle Club – 10th & Park. ($90) 5 hour open bar plus food.

Black Bear – 205 Washington. ($95) 5 hour open bar 9pm-2am with food & DJ.
Wicked Wolf – 2nd & Sinatra. ($95) 5 hour open bar. Crap food.

The Ainsworth – 310 Sinatra. ($100) 4 hour open bar & food 9pm-1am.
Maxwell’s Tavern – 11th & Washington. ($100) 5 hour open bar, food, music.
McLoone’s Pier House – 13th & Sinatra Dr. ($60 food only, $100 with booze for 3 hours)
Smokin’ Barrel – 13th & Willow. ($100) 4 hour open bar, food, music. 201-714-4222.
Willie McBride’s – 616 Willow. ($100) 6 hour open bar & food. Band Almost Easy on tap.

The Madison – 14th & Washington. ($110) 5 hour open bar, food. 281-386-0300.

Lulu’s (W Hotel) – 3rd & River. ($125) 5 hour open bar

Little Town Social – 205 1st St. ($135) Cash bar tickets sold out.

The Brass Rail – 135 Washington. ($150) Gala Dinner at 9pm (open bar until closing).

Hoboken New Years Eve Last Minute 2016 - New Year's Eve {last minute}

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