Does Twitter wreck your mind?

How {twitter} threatens the human mind

bowels of the twitter wasteland - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Hole. E. Crap. Why America is devolving

From time to time, we take about 10 minutes scrolling through that online ghetto known as “Twitter.” God, that sucks your soul dry fast!

While we do actually send “tweets” out (remotely) with each published post, we don’t spend any time on Twitter whatsoever. And especially not to actually try and communicate with people or learn something of substantial value. Haha! What a mockery that would be. We’ve tried, and ran away.

twitter crap - Does Twitter wreck your mind?The sad thing about Twitter is – that while it may “clue you in” if something happened somewhere (like a fire) – it’s not really informative for important things. And what’s even worse is – that “news” outlets now don’t need to do anything other than “embed” a tweet someone else posted. So weak! Then again, if you watch “mainstream” news regularly – you have your own set of problems already.

How many news programs use “reactions” from dumb-ass social media sites as part of their content? You get my point?

And the rest of Twitter is 50% useless marketing and 50% narcissism. And oft-repeated to the point of nausea. How any normal person could regularly use this service form more than one day before deleting it astonishes me. This is why everyone is heads down. Because they’re addicted to fucking worthless shit.

It’s too bad that local businesses feel the need to get wrapped up in this marketing mayhem. So hollow and cheap, no?

Anyway, I managed to see some images before I tasted bile in my mouth. In searching for Hoboken-related nonsense, here’s a few that came up. Let’s see what the heck they even mean…

(For those of you who are NOT on Twitter, this would probably be enough to turn you away).

Hello? I’m eating! Look at me!

This girl had to photographically “document” that she was at Havana Cafe in Hoboken. Why? Looked kind of boring to me. At least include your boobs or butt. Jeez.

twitter havana cafe hoboken NJ big deal - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Coffee? Wow, you are so fucking cool!

This girl looks okay, but why take a photo of yourself, in the dark, with coffee in front of you? It’s such an ordinary thing to do. Coffee. Some people even drink coffee several times a day, every day. What makes this special? Starbucks? In fact, that makes it even worse! (We haven’t had Starbucks in years and have saved $10 grand!)

twitter hoboken starbucks why in gods name - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Re-visiting shoddy portraits. Joy.

Apparently – another one of the utterly useless time-wasters people have now is an app called “timehop.” Every day they waste your time with a forced reminder of what you did a year ago. Or two. Or three. Or whatever. Part of the plan to destroy America.

Look at these girls. If that was your memory from a year ago, would you feel the need to share it? A blurry picture of “meh” ladies? C’mon already, step the game up and delete that crap! What the fuck?

twitter timehop 1 year ago still lame in Hoboken NJ - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Twitter good for bashing “mayor” don Zimmer

Hey wait, someone found a good use for this ghetto app: Documenting the failures of current “mayor” don Zimmer. Like the paving debacles, potholes and floods from water mains.

This guy was bitching about the traffic nightmare caused by don’s idiotic authorization of paving the main road during the holidays. (Small biz thanks her for the decline in revenue too).

twitter hoboken paving don zimmer - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Why cry to mommie when you have twitter?

This dude was a total pussy. He ordered a sandwich from a local shop with hot peppers. He whined like a girl that he only got “1.5 peppers on his sandwich.” They voiced some kind of protest. Took a picture and posted it. This is the future of America. What a spineless douche.

Any smart person has hot peppers in the fridge at all times. But he’ll never have the balls to tell the owner of the shop face to face.

twitter complainers hot pepper sandwich hoboken NJ - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

People are idiots. Really, they are.

This is how the Stewed Cow Saloon needs to coax people to come out on the Monday after Christmas: By using some stupid graphic “The last Monday of 2015.” Yeah, so? So fucking what!

If anyone went there strictly BECAUSE it was the “last Monday of 2015,” they deserve a swift kick in the head. Hard.

twitter hoboken stewed cow pointless drivel - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

What? Yeah? So?

This guy acted like he was some kind of pioneer. “Look at what I see! The NYC skyline!”

Reminds me of the Dumb & Dumber scene: “We went to the Moon!”

twitter hoboken NYC skyline boring - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

TV junk food still owns the idiots

Another piece of evidence that the idiot box (“TV”) still has a strong grip on the mentally-enslaved morons of the world. Countless photos of the worst bakery in Hoboken (yes, Carlos Bake Shop is worse than even ShopRite).

And people probably talk about it in person too. “I went to a bakery that is on TV! How cool am I?”

Well, I bought some toilet bowl cleaner at Rite Aid the other day, and am just as cool. How about them apples?

twitter carlos bake shop hoboken 2 - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

twitter carlos bake shop hoboken 1 - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

Are those “smart phones” helping people become smarter? Yeah? Haha! I have a bridge to sell you!

twitter wasteland Hoboken NJ - Does Twitter wreck your mind?

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Monday, January 4, 2016 8:21 pm

Respectfully disagree!

While Twitter certainly can be used for trivial nonsense, as you show, it’s just a technology — it all depends on whom you follow. Twitter can also be the conduit for perfectly intelligent editorials and news links, as well as genuinely clever, pithy witticisms.

Monday, January 4, 2016 2:14 pm

It’s the perfect way to distract the masses while they pull the wool over your eyes.

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