2015 Hoboken Business Year in Review

2015 Hoboken Business Year in Review: More retail spaces

With the advent of many new retail spaces available in Hoboken, we once again saw a net rise in the number of businesses open (a couple dozen).

But that doesn’t mean the revolving door doesn’t continue to spin at a more RAPID rate, and the Mile Square still lost quite a few overall.

Still no Apple Store, but the Trader Joe’s is apparently on the way in 2016.

Sadly, a noticeable number of “chain” type stores. Not always mega-chains per se, but still chains nonetheless.

The approximate running tally since we’ve roughly been keeping track is now about 175 net new businesses in Hoboken since 2007.

Want to see who came and left this year? See the complete list below!

2015 Hoboken Business Year in Review - 2015 Hoboken Business Year in Review

Is there a limit?

The trend continues – skyrocketing rents, parking nightmares, and online shopping all put a damper on Hoboken business growth from the get go. But people still feel they have a decent opportunity at making a living in 07030.

With the exception of unique, specialized products, and bare necessities (i.e., convenience) the odds of succeeding in Hoboken – especially in a “down economy” are tough. But have we reached our saturation point in retail?

Favorites? Sad to see go?

Our Top 5 favorite new places in 2015: House of Que, Vivi Bubble Tea, Little City Books, Simply Juiced and 7 Fine Arts. Why? Because they either posses quality, fill a niche, or “do it right.”

Our Top 5 “sad to see go” places in 2015: Helmers’, Puerto Spain, Three A’s, United Decorating, and Mario’s Tavern. Why? Because they had unique character and an old school Hoboken feel.

New Hoboken Businesses in 2015:

(in no particular order)

Hoboken businesses closed in 2015:

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 10:26 am

Hoboken has more chains now because small businesses can’t afford the rent. Sucks.

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