Pave the way for more flooding!

Why pave a lot? Where does the storm water go?

Over in the NW section of town – some empty lot work has been taking place (a new park will eventually come in the area).

But one resident Nick noticed the major flooding in that area today, and asked:

“Have you seen that they paved over the open lots uptown? I can’t believe that this was the best use of the land, considering the administration is pegging the site to be a park. I especially took note today as the heavy rain water is running off the blacktop and flooding the sewer system around the blocks. For a city that is trying to deal with storm water issues, this is the height of stupidity!

Note: This is probably considered par for the course for Hoboken. Good luck with that. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, and you expect them to possess some common sense? Haha! The best you can hope for is doublespeak and teaser promises!

paved lot causes flooding in Hoboken NJ - why pave

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Saturday, December 26, 2015 4:51 pm

If that’s where I think it is, they just finished what appeared to be a major pollution mitigation project – maybe they aren’t ready for any water to seep through that area just yet. At any rate, they probably do not want any run off from the dirt underneath that blacktop.

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