Reader mail: Rotavirus vaccine


A Hoboken411 reader (and new parent) seeks some feedback from other parents in Hoboken regarding the Rotavirus vaccination.

Anyone have any helpful advice?

“My 3 month old is getting his first rotavirus vaccine tomorrow. Have anyone’s kids had any side effects after getting this (oral) vacccine? Should I give him the preemptive dose of Infant Tylenol? Just curious how tomorrow afternoon looks for me…he was a sad, sleepy little camper after his 2-month regimen of shots.”

rotavirus vaccination side effects - Reader mail: Rotavirus vaccine

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In my opinion I would wait until after the shots are given. If your little one starts getting cranky I would give the tylenol. You probably already do this, but when my son was an infant I would give him a bottle right after his shots to help soothe him. If I remember correctly, my son would just get sleepier throughout the day after his shots. Good luck!