Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Hoboken graffiti removed, “artists” caught

Well, it took long enough – but apparently the “kids” who defaced Pier C Park last month were apparently caught. Not sure what will happen to them.

But the city attempted to clean up the graffiti at the park. We suspect some kind of harsh environmentally-unfriendly chemicals and a power washer was used.

The bench at the edge looks okay, should weather enough to blend in by the summer.

The playground equipment around looks worse. Like you can obviously tell someone defaced them, and they were removed. Do a better job, guys!

And the bathroom area is relatively clean, but whatever paint / weatherproofing that was on the cinder blocks is completely gone now.

It’d be a shame if this happens again.

graffiti at pier c park hoboken removed 720x375 - Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Graffiti remains at Pier C Park

12/29/2015 Update:

The city doesn’t seem to care that “offensive” language remains plastered all over every surface imaginable over at Pier C Park.

Hoboken Graffiti pier c park - Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Hoboken graffiti and vandalism on the rise


What a shame.

P1150430 - Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Even with the privacy-reducing, property-taxpayer costing security cameras over at Pier C Park – it seems vandalism is happening more frequently now.

Way to go, city hall & police department! Sure is a nice place to bring your kids, right? You can also teach them a lesson on what not to aspire to become!

Oh and for good measure – a STONE BENCH was also recently destroyed over at Pier A Park. These are meant as peaceful spots to remember those lost on 9/11.

Had to be one of those drunk douchebags from SantaCon this past weekend.

Oh well, another day in the neighborhood.

P1150440 - Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Hoboken Graffiti Vandalism Pier C Park - Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

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Yesterday I walked around the lake in the park in North Bergen and over a period of one and a half hours, three police car went through the park.
I walk along pier A and I NEVER see a police car or a foot cop.
This town is disgusting and getting worse each day.
The only thing cops can do in Hoboken is write traffic tickets.
How much longer before people stop buying into the Hoboken myth?


The administration over relies on technology. It is all show they don’t actually use it to enforce. Not sure through the conversation at Council if the cameras even work.


Cultural vibrancy is seeping in. You should feel enriched.


These photos would be ideal candidates for the next Hoboken tourism brochure.

Mrs. L
Mrs. L