Noellery Jewelry Store

Noellery {Jewelry} coming to 123 Washington St.

A curious little shop coming to take the place of the doomed Mari’s Hair Salon at 123 Washington Street soon: Noellery.

Not much is known about “Noellery,” other than it’s a new “fashion jewelry & accessories collection” startup by Noel Do, and the name sounds like it’s a mashup between “Noel” and “Gallery.” Clever.

They have an Instagram page, and that’s about it.

I hope they did their market research, and wish them much luck. Because as we say – a business that’s open is better than a “for rent” sign.

What sells best in Hoboken anyway? Trendy? Value? Stuff that’s hyped up on social media? Tiny pictures on Instagram? Is “economics” involved? Or just wishful thinking and “likes?”

I’m always curious – as the target is always moving, and especially today, that target may be impossible to say aligned with.

noellery hoboken nj jewelry store 123 Washington Street - Noellery Jewelry Store

noellery instagram page - Noellery Jewelry Store

Description: Jewelry store coming soon.
Address: 123 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

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Saturday, December 19, 2015 1:38 am

I’m one of the girls that doesn’t buy into hype anymore. Glam versus value is a big deal for us, especially considering we want to start a family. You immediately identify what is not worth spending hard earned money on. And jewelry is one of them. I hope they do well, but I think we’ll see a for rent sign soon enough.

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