Hoboken DWI Checkpoint Tonight

Hoboken DWI Checkpoint “announced”

Okay – the city of Hoboken announced that there will be a DWI Checkpoint tonight from 10pm to 2am. Here’s the official announcement below:

“The Hoboken Police Department’s Traffic Bureau will be conducting a D.W.I. checkpoint on Saturday, December 19, 2015. The location of the checkpoint will be in the Southern end of the City. The approximate hours of operation will be from 10pm until 2:00 a.m.

The goal of the program is to reduce citizen involvement/injury, due to D.W.I.-related collisions. Through implementation of this and similar events, the Hoboken Police Department hopes to significantly reduce accidents, injuries and property damage throughout our city. Informational pamphlets will be handed out on site.

The Hoboken Police Department is committed to working hand-in-hand with the citizens of Hoboken to provide a safe environment for the motoring public. For more information, contact the Hoboken Police Traffic Bureau at (201) 420-5109.”

Hoboken DWI Checkpoint December 19 2015 - Hoboken DWI Checkpoint Tonight

Does it HELP to announce a checkpoint?

Sure, it sounds good on paper to say they want to help “reduce injury,” and provide a “safe environment.” But how many of you see what is entirely wrong about this from ALL ANGLES?

  1. One, I think “checkpoints” in general are highly unconstitutional. Cops (at the direction of their handlers) infringe on your right to travel freely. What is this, Nazi Germany? “Papers, please!” Especially now – even if you have ONE SINGLE DRINK, individual cops can deem you “unfit” to drive – DESPITE the BAC % that “used to be” the determination of whether you were sufficiently inebriated enough. Fuck that shit. “Laws” are complete crap today.
  2. Two, “announcing” that there will be a checkpoint downtown – will only increase the risk of drunk driving accidents UPTOWN. As social media and other ways of “spreading the word” clue people in to the best way to avoid the clutch of the so-called “laws.”
  3. Finally – it could also be a ploy. “Announce” that you have ONE checkpoint downtown – but instead install an additional checkpoint UPTOWN to “trick” the wannabe offenders. That would be wrong as well. Dishonest.

Regardless of what happens – this Hoboken DWI checkpoint will result in probably TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars being PICK-POCKETED from the citizens of the world. Just so some douchebags who call themselves politicians can have more money to play with. Where is the revolt? Oh yeah, you can’t – you’re bare-handed and they have military weapons and bullet-proof vests.

What should I do if I want to drink and drive in Hoboken?

Well, considering today’s asinine laws, regulations, coercion and infringement of privacy – the single best advice we can give is simple: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE EVER.

Not because you can’t. Not because you’re a “threat” to others. No.

Because it’s in YOUR BEST INTEREST to avoid the gauntlet as it stands today.

buzzed driving is drunk driving new jersey - Hoboken DWI Checkpoint Tonight

But what are alternatives?

Ah – good question. Considering you’re the one “taking the risk,” here are some suggestions if you absolutely want to take a crack at it.

  • Park in a surrounding city (Jersey City, Union City, Weehawken, even North Bergen) – and order up an UBER DRIVER to take you to Hoboken. It’ll be cheap and easy enough for you to avoid the clusterfuck of a DWI checkpoint. Note that these other cities may very well have their own checkpoints too. So do your research!
  • You can try to take the bait that “only downtown” will be subject to the DWI checkpoint – which is a risk you should know might not be worth it.
  • You can also try the lesser-traveled entrances to Hoboken (there are only two others). The 14th Street viaduct (via Congress St.) and Observer Highway (via Ravine-New York or Paterson Plank).
  • Some might say “mass transit,” but that sucks ass. But it depends. Coming from the city isn’t half bad.
  • Other more costly alternatives are to park in an overnight garage and try to get some action. At least you’ll be sober in the morning.

The best bet of them all – STAY THE FUCK HOME, enjoy some (much cheaper) booze – and sing the “better safe than sorry” song all night and count your blessings the next morning. Why even risk it?

NOTE: This info is based on what the city published. It may be (purposely) inaccurate for the sole purpose of extracting MONEY from you. Take that into consideration before you embark on any journey into the gauntlet! Otherwise, “May the (liver) force be with you!” (why did I just say that shit?)

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There should be a drink tax in Hoboken. If the bars had to kick in $0.25 per drink the city could lower taxes. It does not sound like much but to some of these idiots from other parts of Jersey it might be enough to convince them to have one less drink.


I’m more in favor of the town just not wasting money on stupid shit to lower taxes.