Glomming on Star Wars

How much hype for Star Wars can one take?

We don’t watch TV at all anymore, and barely do more than scan headlines of “mainstream” publications. But the hype for the newest Star Wars movie is out of control. And those we know who do watch the boob tube tell me they’re beyond sick of the “down your throat” style coverage of this movie.

Here’s what Hoboken Internet Radio found out from residents about the “much anticipated” movie:

Amazing, isn’t it? How does this happen? And more importantly – why?

Well – the glomming on Star Wars has seeped all the way down to the local business level now. Anyone that can draw the faintest dotted line to this moving picture is doing so.

Here are just a couple examples of what is happening here in Hoboken.

Luke (Lobster) Skywalker rolls

Here’s an odd promo for sure. Luke’s Lobster (207 Washington Street), is offering (at all their locations) a FREE Lobster Roll to all customers named “Luke” (or Lucas) on Friday, December 18th from 11am to 11pm.

While a bit of a silly promotion – I can only see how Social Justice Warriors will seize this opportunity to attack Luke’s Lobster.

“This isn’t inclusive enough!! What about women named “Leia?” (or whatever group is being left out). Don’t think I’m kidding either. This type of shit happens daily (see the Coca-Cola post for more stupidity…)

Lukes Lobster Star Wars - Glomming on Star Wars

Choc O Pain Star Wars Dusted Sourdough Boules

And another food-related Star Wars marketing tie-in is taking place over at Choc O Pain Bakery & Cafe (157 First St.): Bread that has Star Wars “graphics” on them.

Today is the last day you can “pre-order” these loafs. Large boule $7.95 small $5. Call 201-710-5175 Hoboken or 201-435-2462 Jersey City. Pick-up only.

I suppose fans of the movie will have more fun chewing their blood-sugar inducing carbs with Chewbacca on it?

star wars bread hoboken NJ choc o pain - Glomming on Star Wars

Where should hype and marketing draw the line?

Yeah, I understand how and why marketing people and businesses do things. It certainly is fair for them to try whatever it takes to survive the highly competitive marketplace. And if they have a slight chance of getting a few extra customers to part with their money – that’s what capitalism and consumerism is all about.

Thankfully not all businesses try this – because that would be too much. Here are a few others that may very well show up:

  • “7 Stars Pizza – have a slice and enjoy the war that will happen in your intestines later!”
  • “Death Star City Hall – The Empire and the Force of non-stop flooding and bike lanes!”
  • “Starbucks – We’ll take your hard-earned bucks for our coffee-flavored water that cost us two cents to make!”

I can only imagine what the next big global distraction of the masses will be.

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